Sky + Freesat both together 2 rooms

  hewittrm 20:20 21 Nov 2010

can you have paymonthly sky in one room and a freesat box using a splitter before it goes to the sky box to split the signal between the two very expensive to try if it does not work

  BRYNIT 21:45 21 Nov 2010

No you cannot use a splitter. You have to have a twin or quad LNB at the dish taking a cable from the LNB to each box.

  hssutton 12:09 22 Nov 2010

Maplins supply a splitter, obviously it has limitations, but they do exist.

"feed two receivers from a single LNB. One of the outputs has DC pass, and the receiver connected to this supplies power to the LNB. In the case of most systems, this ‘master’ receiver will also select polarity, and thus determine the channels available to the slave receiver. Although an inexpensive method of running two receivers from a single dish, it is not as flexible as a twin LNB which allows two receivers to select channels of either polarity independently. Frequency range: 5MHz to 2GHz. To protect one receiver (and its user) if a fault should develop in the other, this splitter has screw terminals for earthing."

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  BRYNIT 12:33 22 Nov 2010


The LNB receives a signal from the box to switch between horizontal and vertical signals. One unit will take priority of the LNB preventing two different channel H & V from being viewed.

If you don't mind viewing the same channel which defeats the object of having two boxes use the splitter.

If hewittrm wants both boxes to work correctly and receive/record different channels they will need a twin or quad LNB.

  hssutton 13:27 22 Nov 2010

Yes I'm fully aware of the problems and how an LNB works, that's why I said the following "it has limitations, but they do exist"

Whereas you said "No you cannot use a splitter. You have to have a twin or quad LNB at the dish taking a cable from the LNB to each box." which is incorrect.

  dms_05 14:05 22 Nov 2010

The only way to run two boxes totally independent of each other is to have a twin LNB which is effectively two LNB's in one case. You may find a Quad LNB cheaper and give you two backup feeds as they are the standard LNB used by Sky.

  dms_05 16:53 23 Nov 2010

"Ever heard of Stackers & De-stackers"

Sorry but you STILL need multiple LNB's. These products only solve the use of multiple cables, which in certain circumstances can be a problem. However you still need a multiple LNB on the dish and then use a Stacker to put two signals down the same cable. I don't think that is the problem here, the OP wants to use a single LNB to feed multiple boxes.

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