Sky Digital screen freezing - Digital static???

  funkey_monkey 23:07 28 Apr 2006


I've got Sky Digital at home and our reception is becoming prone to screen freezes.

I've checked the signal strength and quality via the menu and quality was pretty much 100% and strength ranged from 75% upwards - both of which I'd expect to provide an excellent picture/sound combination.

This occurs in all weather conditions.

The coax from the dish down should be fine as it was replaced when sky digital went in. The receiver box is a Pace, model BSKYB 2500B. Could this be on the way out? Both the coax and receiver would be around (at a guess) up to 10 years old.

What could be wrong and how can I correct this?


  BRYNIT 00:03 29 Apr 2006

It could be the LNB/dish, the cable or the Digi box. All could create a intermittent fault that would create these symptoms.

  funkey_monkey 19:38 30 Apr 2006

I should say that the quality is degraded - around 70%. Whereas the strength is closer to max.

Any more hints?

How canI test the coax without cutting it for a cross section investigation?

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