Sky channels on 2nd tv

  pbass 13:20 29 Aug 2006

I have just had sky installed and have connected a 2nd tv to the skybox. The terrestrial channels are crystal clear but the tv cannot find the sky channels. I am also having problems getting the'tvlink' adaptor that I used at my previous address to work.

any advice?



  BRYNIT 14:02 29 Aug 2006

A few thing to try.

1 If it is a home made cable from Digi box to TV check the cable and the ends are correct

2 check that the TV link shows a red light

3 (I think some TV links do not have a light) If it does and the light on TV link is off unplug Digi box for a few mins and plug back in.

4 Was the power to the RF outlet (RF 2) switched on. Go to services press 0 1 sellect this will take you to installer setup. Go to number 4 this will tell you what RF channel the Digi box is on also check that the RF outlet power supply is switch on.

  DieSse 14:08 29 Aug 2006

*have connected a 2nd tv to the skybox.*

How have you connected it?

If it's in another room, and fed from a co-ax (aerial type) cable - then you'll have to tune your 2nd TV in to pick it up - nothing more complicated.

As I'm sure you realise, you'll only get the same Sky programme as is on the main TV.

"tvlink" adaptor? - you mean to get you remote control to work from another room? - or more complicated than just that?

  pbass 15:08 29 Aug 2006

Thanks for your reply, I can't find or access the installer setup you mention. Any further advice?

Re: DieSse
Thanks too. It is in another room and fed by co-ax. I've tuned the 2nd tv and it's found the four terrestrial channels which are now crystal clear but it's just finding nothing of the satellite channels. This is so annoying, I had the same setup with my old settop box at my old house and it worked fine! Any further advice would be gratefully received.

thanks again

  DieSse 15:40 29 Aug 2006

Check which output you're using at the digibax end.

  pbass 16:19 29 Aug 2006

Connected to RF2 as specified in manual. Power now on as perinstallation setup but still no satellite channel :-(

  DieSse 16:35 29 Aug 2006

Try it in RF1 - just to see if it works there.

  BRYNIT 16:44 29 Aug 2006

With sky remote press the services button.

When the sky service screen shows on TV press 0 then 1 then select this will take you to the installer setup menu.

  pbass 16:56 29 Aug 2006

Thanks. Rf power now on, Tried both RF1 and RF2 but same results. I've used the co-ax that was in situ, could that cause the problem?

  DieSse 17:17 29 Aug 2006

Presumably the terrestrial channels are going down it OK?

Thr RF power is to power accessories that may be put into the cable - it should not be required for normal use - in fact it probably shouldn't be used for normal use - you don't want to feed power into a TV aerial socket.

Is the cable going srtaight from the digibox to the second TV? - or via something else?

  BRYNIT 17:18 29 Aug 2006

The only way of checking would be to move TV into room with digi box and try on a shorter lead if OK it the Coax.

Have you tuned the TV to the correct RF channel.

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