Sky box or PVR

  feb 21:05 11 Mar 2009

If spending £100 plus on a PVR, would Sky be a better option?

Can a PVR do more than a Sky box or vise-versa?

  laurie53 07:24 12 Mar 2009

Sky box is a waste of money unless you subscribe to Sky, since you're paying for a facility you cannot use.

If you don't want Sky get the best pvr you can.

If you want Sky then a Sky box is the only option.

  tigertop2 10:40 12 Mar 2009

Have a look at Humax's UK website as I did. I was considering Sky but when I saw the special priced reconditioned PVR's available through this company that was it . I saved paying Rupert Murdoch 100's of pounds a year, which pleased me, and I got an excellent PVR. I already had a Humax PVR9200 and it is excellent. I should just add I have no connection with this company other than as a satisfied customer

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  feb 18:56 14 Mar 2009

But doesn't Sky, have more channels than Freeview? And, if you choose the free channels option, rather than subscribe to a package, wouldn't that work out cheaper?

  maco2078 16:26 16 Mar 2009

Im looking forward to an answer as I am in same position. I'd only consider it for a few more options to choose from.

  DieSse 00:00 22 Mar 2009

AS said above - you can only use the PVR facilities in Sky boxes if you have a subscription. So an independent PVR can work out better if you don't want a subscription.

If you want the maximum number of free channels, then don't get a Sky or a Freesat box - get a "free-to-air" box. Theses can tune in to all channels that are free, Sky, Freesat, and any others.

You can even get free-to-air receivers with USB sockets you can put a cheap memory stick, or a USB hard drive, to record.

  feb 08:31 27 Mar 2009

Thanks for the replies.
So a Sky box, without a subscription, is only a basic converter, where you can only record the channel your watching?

  DieSse 09:25 27 Mar 2009

No - without a subscription you can't use the recording facilities in any way at all.

  feb 18:54 27 Mar 2009

Thanks DieSse, I didn't know that!
Is that the same for all Sky boxes?

  maco2078 22:55 27 Mar 2009

I was watching Tv tonight and the picture kept going darl, almost like a negative.

I switch the TV on and then I switch the Thomson TUTV box on and I prefer as a rule to watch it from that as the picture quality seems slightly better.

But it kept happening and I had to pres the remote (any number) or DTR to get the correct pic.

In the end I went back and watched it DTR on the TV.

Im wondering if it was coz it was recording something at the time? but it hasn't happened like that til now.

I also heard briefly there is some big cock up going on re- the digital switchover and wondered was that anything to do with it?

Anyone out there enlighten me?

  brindly 08:41 31 Mar 2009

What is this free to air box? I have a Humax and a HD ready TV unfortunatley the humax doesn't have a HD connection.

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