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Single adaptor wanted for TP-Link TL-PA 8010p Kit

  ponytail 09:47 12 Apr 2019

I would like to buy the following item. TP-Link TL-PA 8010 P Kit But it only seems to come with two adaptors and I would need three does anyone know of a single adaptor I could get to use with this kit.I have sent a message to the seller of this kit asking if I can get a single adaptor as well as the pair and await a reply.Could I use any make of single adaptor with this kit.Thanks.

  ponytail 10:18 12 Apr 2019

I have just noticed that this model is not pass through although I thought it was so have found another model which is. TP-Link TL-PA8030Pkit V2 The question is still the same I would need a third adaptor

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 16 Apr 2019

Could I use any make of single adaptor with this kit.Thanks.

Theoretically yes as they are all built to the same standard but all will drop to the lowest speed adaptor of those in use.

  ponytail 10:00 04 Jun 2019

Sorry for the delay in answering but have got a set of two as I was going to get one for my wife to use but she said not to bother so thanks for the replies.

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