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  jimmer409® 07:47 17 Dec 2005

hello all, new to digital vidio, i have a samsung digital vidio camera and have recorded a local charity show onto 2x60min tapes, have firewire, windows movie maker, nero7, lg dvd burner, in simple steps how do i capture the two tapes to my pc and than burn them to one 4.7 dvd. all help greatly appreciated.

  jimmer409® 13:53 17 Dec 2005


  GroupFC 17:08 18 Dec 2005

My first piece of advice would be don't!

Video editing on a Pc is both resource hungry and very time consuming. It would appear from your question that you have never done any video editing and 2 hours film is a lot of work! You may be better hooking up the camera to a DVD recorder and putting them onto DVD that way.

If you want to go down the pc route and couple of places I am always recommending are click here and click here have a good read.

  jimmer409® 18:12 18 Dec 2005

thanks fc, how do you hook up and record to dvd?

  GroupFC 14:50 19 Dec 2005

When I said hook it up to a DVD recorder, I meant a stand alone one (like one for under the TV) but perhaps that didn't come across quite right in my original post!

Really need a bit more information to advise further.

Does the camcorder have any manuals with it as these may tell you how to get the video onto DVD? If you don't have one you could try click here and see waht you can find.

What is the model details of the camcorder, does it have a firewire connection? Have you tried connecting it to the PC?

There have been quite a few recent threads about Samsung camcorders but I can't seem to find many of them, but here is one that may help click here.

Alternatively, if you put camcorders in the search box, you will get many hits which may help you. Did you have a look at my click heres?

  jimmer409® 18:34 19 Dec 2005

samsung, yes have firewire, yes can transfer to pc using either nero or wmm, just can't figure how to put on one two hour dvd, also at a loss as to what all the various types of files are, i.e., vob, iva, etc.

  GroupFC 09:54 20 Dec 2005

If I understand you correctly, you have captured the video onto your PC - unfortunately I am not familiar with using either nero or wmm to capture, so I don't know what file format either of them capture in. I use different s/ware to capture my video as a .avi file.

wmm does not support burning video to DVD. So it looks as if you will have to use nero to burn the dvd. I don't use nero, but isn't just a question of loading the file into nero and selecting create dvd or something similar and the software takes care of creating the relevant file structure?

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