Sim free Blackberry Storm 2

  Voxpop 22:12 02 Dec 2009

I will be buying a new phone next year and at the moment the choice is between the iPhone (coming to Vodafone soon) and the Blackberry Storm 2. However, I don't want to be locked into a 24 month contract as I prefer pay and go. A Vodafone shop staff member told me that if I buy a sim free Blackberry I won't have much functionality, only calls and texting. Does not sound right to me otherwise how could all those mobile phone webshops sell it?

Thanks, people.

  Chris the Ancient 12:15 03 Dec 2009

That does tend to be the case. Blackberry want you to tie in with a provider on a contract - hence no real chance of a pay-as-you-go for the emails.

I'm actually going the other way! I have a contract sim that I'm going to plug into a BB - but I won't be using the emails etc. - just the phone!

Reason? My present phone is used mostly on Bluetooth and the battery does go flat very quickly. (Not quite sure why. If the phone is in my pocket and I'm away from my Bluetooth, the battery lasts a heck of a lot longer.) But the BB I've got has a much better battery life; hence the 'conversion'.

  Forum Editor 18:01 03 Dec 2009

Any phone will drain its battery more rapidly when Bluetooth is switched on. I toggle Bluetooth off on my phone when I don't need it, and that way the battery charge lasts longer.

  Voxpop 18:18 03 Dec 2009

Thanks for your reply, looks as if it will have to be the iPhone after all, but what about accessing my e-mail accounts via WebMail in the Blackberry browser, or am I completely misunderstanding the process?


  Chris the Ancient 15:27 04 Dec 2009

Unfortunately, because I'm in the car so much, Bluetooth is a bit of a must - even if I don't actually use it, I need to know if somebody has been trying to call me (to offer even more work). My present Nokia was a bit of an upgrade and the battery doesn't last nearly as long as the old one did when Bluetoothed. /Sigh

  Chris the Ancient 15:34 04 Dec 2009

As I read it, BB tie you to a provider. And, of course, this provider wants to keep the subscriptions coming in over a reasonable length of time. Hence the lack of web facilities.

Never having had (or really wanted) an iPhone (or similar), I'm not sure how the email/web service provider gets their tuppence worth out of you. I suspect that it is in the mobile contract payments in the long run. Certainly, when I looked at putting my contract sim in my BB, the monthly payments would have been far is excess over what I'm paying now.

However, when I (hopefully) expand my horizons with my job next year, I'm probably going to have to bite the bullet and go for the more (tax-deductible) expensive full contract option.

  stablerpuppy 20:56 14 Dec 2009

if you want to use email, web and mms on your blackberry you do need a blackberry package. however alot of people arent aware that instead of a lengthy and expensive contract, there are 'sim only' plans available that inclue the blackberry package, or that you can get it added to.

because these contacts are only 30 days minimum term and dont include a phone, they are much cheaper, and might be a good option for you because of the short term of them and they are reasonably priced. hope this helps. :)

  Voxpop 22:02 14 Dec 2009

Thanks stablerpuppy. I have looked into these sim only plans, but will probably go the iPhone pay and go route with Vodafone next year.

  sparkeyfox 23:03 17 Dec 2009

It can be done with a Blackberry on Vodafone
I was on a sim only deal with vodafone on a rolling month contract £15.00 300 Minutes etc
I bought my own Storm on ebay and then wanted Blackberry services email web etc - vodafone wouldn't do it so requested my pack code and they rang me back next day offered me twice the minutes and full Blackberry service for £20 a month on my rolling contract - bargin!Best phone & package I've had.

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