Sim cards and Smartphone as iPod

  [DELETED] 06:14 03 Aug 2014

So basically, I have been doing a lot of research for a good Android smartphone I can use as an iPod touch for games, music, browsing, etc. 75% Minecraft, actually, which is why I'm not getting an ios device.

However, phones bought online don't come with sim cards, which you need to use a phone. Last time I ordered one from Amazon, I got lucky because I could bypass the Sim Activation page with some program that really didn't help very much when you're actually using the phone. That won't work for newer phones.

So I get a phone from online without a Sim card. I need a Sim card to activate it to get games and actually USE the phone. So if I just get an unactivated Sim card from a store or online and stick it in the slot, will that work, and 'activate' the phone? If not, can what I'm trying to do be accomplished at all without getting a plan?

Also, I have read that if the phone had a plan before, if you take out the Sim card it will still function normally. Is that true?

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