Sim card in a basic phone to a more modern one

  Nuneatonian 22:11 18 Oct 2010

Hi all
I am thinking of upgrading to a more modern phone. I have always had a Nokia basic model, just for phone calls and text, not one with internet camera, mps etc. If I got a more modern phone could I use my same sim for this, it would be the same network?

Thank you

Only if it is an "unlocked" phone.

If you get one on the same network, no problem!

If you get one on the same network, no problem!

  Strawballs 05:42 22 Oct 2010

I have had a company phone now for 5yrs which came with basic nokia I now have the same sim in a Samsung U900 and it will do everything except picture messaging but I'm sure if it had ben my own sim I could have phoned O2 and got that switched on.

  Chris the Ancient 09:28 22 Oct 2010

My old o2 sim been going for over 10 years and now using it in an iPhone with no problems.

  HXP 16:36 23 Oct 2010

Original sim cards were 16k and the newer ones are 32k - this makes a difference to the number of text messagaes (sms ) or contacts that can be stored on the sim - apart from that as long as you get an unlocked phone or a phone on the specific network your phone is on it should be fine.

You can store contacts and texts direct on your handset and although I back it up I like the security of having my important contacts on both the sim and the phone.

I would suggest you add a data bundle to your package otherwise data - which most smart phones eat a lot of can be costly.

If it's of any help I have just started using the HTC Desire and it is fantastic - as is the HTC wildfire - loads of free apps and a great user interface.

  birdface 17:28 31 Oct 2010

As far as I know some modern phones have different size sim cards so whether your old one would fit in a new phone I know not.

  birdface 17:37 31 Oct 2010

Ok looks like tha majority of phones use the same size of sim card.
The mini sim card must be the new one out.

There are three different sizes of SIM cards, all serving the same purpose in different types of phones. The original SIM standard resembles a plastic credit card and is used today mainly in satellite phones. Mini SIM cards are about 1/6 the size of a credit card. These SIM cards are the type used in most cell phones. A newer standard suitable for smaller mobile devices is Micro SIM, which is about 1/12 the size of a credit card.

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