Should i use a pc monitor as a tv?

  Ricky Armitage 08:38 25 Jan 2017

I have not been having much look with tv's they all look pixelated and have a strange motion blur, would using a 32inch pc monitor with high resolution be a good idea for watching tv/movies and gaming?

  Burn-it 14:51 28 Jan 2017

A TV has far lower resolution than a monitor and (usually) far less user control of the picture. Monitor usually have special control circuits in TV mode that smooth the changes between the adjacent pixels of the lower resoultion TV picture. This tends to give a far clearer picture and the better decay rate of a monitor lessens motion blur.

  Burn-it 00:45 29 Jan 2017

Decay Rate, I thought is only to do with CRT Sets Not at all. You need a little, but not too much and cheap diodes tend to take longer. And high resolutuion panels are still expensive and not as high as a CRT screen is (potentially) A CRT is theoretically limited only by the dot sizes of the phosphor paint which in some TVs where lines not dots..

You are highly unlikely to get anything broadcast that is even up to genuine 4k standard. The bandwidth requirements are too high.and with any that do the signal is SO compressed that the quality suffers and may as well be the lower resolution. Yes you can get screens that display 4k and more from DVD, but they are only being a monitor then. Most modern sets are deliberately dual purpose.

  JordanMihailov 17:14 29 Jan 2017

I would say it will be better because there is much less lag on the pc monitor. If it's IPS - better. On TV there is no gaming option, especially if you play some fast games, the lag is unbearable.

  monim12 15:47 15 Feb 2017

I have seen that many people using monitor as a TV. But I don't like this idea. I think TV produce better picture quality than monitor.

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