Should i use a pc monitor as a tv?

  Ricky Armitage 08:38 25 Jan 2017

I have not been having much look with tv's they all look pixelated and have a strange motion blur, would using a 32inch pc monitor with high resolution be a good idea for watching tv/movies and gaming?

  alanrwood 11:18 25 Jan 2017

How do you propose to feed a monitor with a TV signal.

Pixilation is usually associated with poor signal incoming. If you are using an antenna then maybe check it out. If using a sat dish maybe the LNB or cable are showing signs of age.

  Ricky Armitage 11:26 25 Jan 2017

I will be using a freeview set top box via hdmi, so thats no problem and as for signal im pretty sure thats not the problem as hd channels look fine but when people move on sd channels they leave like a dragging effect behind them, makes me abit motion sick :S its not overly bad but you do notice it

  Forum Editor 11:27 25 Jan 2017

alanrwood has mentioned the signal issue - your TV monitor will need an input, and that means an HDMI or DVI connection to a SKY box or similar.

Your current TV picture problems are almost certainly related to the signal quality, rather than the TV itself, and you would have picture problems with the computer monitor.

  Ricky Armitage 11:29 25 Jan 2017

Im using a 32 inch 720p tv at the minute and i sit about 4-5 feet away from the tv, could any of that be the cause of this dragging effect on the tv?

  Ricky Armitage 11:31 25 Jan 2017

Yh i would be connecting to a hdmi on the monitor and it cant be signal as it happens when watching dvds as well, im notsure if its because im sat too close? And im wondering if a higher resolution would fix it

  Burn-it 13:58 25 Jan 2017

Motion blur is to do with the refresh and decay rate of the monitor - be it a TV or PC monitor. It has little to do with the resolution per se.

Increasing the size will not solve that. I would also suggest that 5ft is too close to a TV, though it may be acceptible for a computer monitor.

  kevnjohn 13:00 27 Jan 2017

Actually my TV was getting turn on but I was not working so I used PC monitor as a TV, it works perfectly for me.

  wee eddie 14:50 27 Jan 2017

I have no TV, but on my evenings at home I sometimes do like to watch.

So, at the present I use iPlayer and I'm watching Father Brown on my Monitor. Only a 24" so nothing huge but it works well.

  Burn-it 19:08 27 Jan 2017

I use a 24" monitor as a TV and feed it via HDMI from my SKY box.

  PepijndeWit 13:11 28 Jan 2017

I also use my monitor as TV and satisfied. All in personal taste and preference. try it and then see you use a monitor for this purpose or not)

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