Sharp LC40LE831E problem recognising USB hard drive

  Kotek Besar 09:45 13 Mar 2012

Hi folks,

I have a Sharp LC40LE831E and I think it's fantastic. Just one problem, when I want to play videos from external storage, it doesn't recognise my 320gb USB hard drive. It recognises my 16gb USB flash drive.

The differences I can see between the two drives are, in Windows 7, the 16gb USB flash drive is recognised by Windows as a "Device with Removable Storage", whereas the 320gb USB hard drive is recognised by Windows as a "Hard Disk Drive".

So, assuming this is indeed the problem, how can I make my Sharp LC40LE831E see my 320gb USB hard drive as if it were a USB flash drive? Or, what can I do to amend my 320gb USB hard drive to make it look to devices that it is a USB flash drive?

  BurrWalnut 19:26 13 Mar 2012

With the device plugged in, right-click Computer, click Properties > Device Manager (in the left pane) to see if the drive appears under ‘Disk drives‘. If it does, right-click it, click Properties > Policies Tab and check the box ‘Quick removal’. A USB ‘drive’ should have a check in this box. Restart the computer if you change anything. Internal hard disk drives use ‘Enable write caching on the disk’.

  Bris 10:11 14 Mar 2012

Two things worth checking:

Firstly does the USB HDD have its own power supply or is it self powered, if the latter then the TV may not be able to supply sufficient power to drive the HDD.

Secondly most flash drives are formatted with the FAT32 file system which appears to be universally accepted by most non PC equipment whereas the HDD may have been formatted with the NTFS file system which may not be compatible with your TV, the TV manual should tell you what file systems it accepts. If the HDD is NTFS and the TV will only accept FAT32 you can convert the HDD to FAT32 but you will need a third party app or you can use windows, but if the latter you have to format the drive and that will delete all of your data so its essential that you back it up first.

To check the file system on both the flash drive and HDD... plug them both in then control panel>administration tools>computer management>disc management.

  Kotek Besar 10:51 14 Mar 2012

Thanks for the replies.

You may be right about the TV not having enough power to run the USB caddy. It is indeed unpowered. It's plausible, and something I haven't thought of.

The format is currently NTFS. According to the TV instruction manual, the TV supports NTFS and FAT32. I've tried formatting the drive with both formats and ExFAT also, just for the heck of it.

Regardless of file format, it doesn't recognise it.

I've ordered a new caddy from Amazon so I'll see how the TV plays with it, if at all.

  Bris 11:27 14 Mar 2012

Hi Kotec.

Just found this click here

The paragraph after the back panel view may help.

  Kotek Besar 11:36 14 Mar 2012

Ah, many thanks. So it looks like it is indeed a power issue then. Will look at my options. Many thanks!

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