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Sharing issue with Samsung smart TV

  john bunyan 16:40 14 Jul 2019

I thought I would share an issue as it may help other Samsung TV owners. Just bought a new Samsung smart TV. Set up was quite long but ok. I have Plusnet as ISP with around 60 mbps. Points found: 1. If a LAN is used, the mirror function to cast iPhone does not work; you have to use a wireless connection to the network. 2. The Guide was a light grey by default and finding a setting to make it have a black background took a while. 3. After a week or so the TV was connected to the network but not to the internet, although other household devices were fine. I spoke to Samsung support, who , at first did the usual checks on connections etc then suggested a change to the DNS from auto. I had tried but a couple of other changes didn’t work either. They said talk to ISP for a new address ( I don’t have a fixed one). They switched off and I turned off the router for 5 mins and a new address appeared . Still didn’t work, so Samsung blamed Plusnet and vice versa. I then decided to completely reset the TV so had to re enter a load of stuff. Then , leaving settings at automatic, it connected OK. !!

  john bunyan 13:09 31 Jul 2019

Fixed in the end by a reinstall of software

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