Shared Google calendars and repeating appointments

  exdragon 10:29 27 Apr 2016

Hi - my partner and I both have Google calendars on our phones and PCs. He has shared his with me, so I can see what he's doing and where he's supposed to be. He used to have a repeating appointment once a week, which then obviously showed up on our PCs and phones. He's cancelled this, and there's no trace of it on his phone etc. I can't get it off my calendars, although I've synced them. Is there any reason why, if he has removed something, it shouldn't update in my records?


  I am Spartacus 21:19 30 Apr 2016

Is it possible that when he cancelled that he didn't select the option to notify 'guests' that it's been deleted?

  exdragon 22:07 30 Apr 2016

I can't see anywhere to do that, but I've just put an event in his phone, it's appeared on my phone, tablet and desktop. I then deleted it and it vanished from all my devices.

I give up!

  I am Spartacus 22:23 30 Apr 2016

Check out your settings. Open the Calendar on a PC, choose the settings (gear) icon and click the 'Calendar' option. On the right hand side there should be an 'Edit Notifications' option with 'Choose how you'd like to be kept up to date:' options. Maybe it's a setting in there that's changed , one of them is for 'Cancelled events'.

  exdragon 08:21 01 May 2016

That was a good idea, but both changed and cancelled events have their options ticked.

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