Setting up new speakers for Viera

  GrimmReal 21:37 27 Mar 2014

Hi just got a new viera tv panasonic ET60 tv, wondering how I would set up a sony Dav S800 theater. I got a optical cable for the audio, but I can't get the tv, or console to use the speakers it only works with dvds. My console and antena is connected to the the tv.

  BRYNIT 22:50 27 Mar 2014

I've been looking at the instruction but not having the unit in front of me makes it difficult.

If you could tell us how you have connected the TV to the sony Dav S800? what cables and where you have connected them may help.

  GrimmReal 23:07 27 Mar 2014

Hi, So i connected the optical cable to the "optical device in" on the dvd player and "optical device out" in the tv. (this just use the dvd speakers for dvd movies and dont use the tv speakers). I also can connect thru yellow, red, white cable. Which I connect to the dvd player and the tv which I connect to the correct color slots. (this use both dvd speakers and tv speakers for playing dvd movies)

  BRYNIT 23:32 27 Mar 2014

You have connected a optical cable between TV optical out and optical in I assume on Video 2 if the constriction I am looking at are correct.

Did you selected using the function button on the remote video 2 and have you checked Manual just in case you have to change a setting to use the optical out.

  BRYNIT 23:34 27 Mar 2014

It's late. I should have said, have you checked the TV manual just in case any setting need changing to use optical out.

  GrimmReal 23:59 27 Mar 2014

Do i need to configure the dvd player?

  GrimmReal 00:16 28 Mar 2014

Thanks for ur help. Lol turns out I just had change the channel on the dvd player to video 2. Didnt realised it was able to change channel, the button was on da player not the remote. Thanks for ur help

  BRYNIT 08:45 28 Mar 2014

If you look at you instructions and your remote you should find a function button that allows you to switch between DVD, Video 1 and Video 2.

From the instructions I downloaded it showed the remote with a function button, each time you press this button it changes from DVD - Video 1 - video 2 etc. It may be at the side of the number 3 button.

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