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Sending Texts to Australia

  morddwyd 10:29 04 Jul 2018

Is it necessary to set something up to send teats to Australia (I may have asked this before; if so my apologies)?

The only way I can send my son a text is via Skype. Two phones, on two networks, O2 andEE, both fail, with no "not sent" indication.

  morddwyd 13:55 06 Jul 2018

Thank you.

I do want use Whatsapp or any other method.

A feature of my mobile phone doesn't work, sending texts overseas and I want to know why, that's all!

  Forum Editor 14:46 06 Jul 2018

The fact that two phones, each one on a different network, are unable to send texts is an indication that there is possibly something wrong with the way that you are sending.

Are you entering the number manually, or using your contact list to send to your son.

Can you receive inbound texts from him?

We were recommending WhatsApp because it is so easy.... and free.

  morddwyd 09:29 07 Jul 2018

Thank you.

I am using my call log as I talk to him quite regularly but sometimes a quick test is more convenient.

I am wondering if the block is by his local provider, though he says not.

  morddwyd 09:36 08 Jul 2018

Thank you.

I have now given up my EE account (BT ruined it as a user friendly service ) but you have motivated me to check if O2 use a similar system. You never know with these foreign johnnies!

  Forum Editor 19:07 08 Jul 2018

"you have motivated me to check if O2 use a similar system".

They do.

  wee eddie 21:08 08 Jul 2018

Add. I hope that you gave them due notice

  polymath 15:24 30 Aug 2018

Did you arrive at a solution/workaround, morddwyd?

I think I know why your text problem happens (though there isn’t an easy fix such as phone settings, I’m afraid). Is it a one-way problem (your son can text you but not vice versa)? Can you text both ways if you’re physically in the same country? And is the problem only between certain phone prefix combinations?

If so, it must be the same problem that started a year or two ago between me/spouse in Ireland and our daughter in the UK. It’s a network one, and any fix is down to one of the ISPs. (It’s the phone number prefixes that matter, regardless of which new ISPs the numbers may have been ported over to).

I delved into this problem in some depth (which ISPs don’t make easy), so I’ll explain it if you’re interested?

(P.s. Your thread’s still on the front page and I’ve only just noticed it isn’t very recent!).

  morddwyd 19:26 30 Aug 2018

There is a very easy fix.

I pay O2 £10 a month or £2 per text, in addition to the normal charges, for the privilege of sending overseas texts!

  polymath 22:23 30 Aug 2018

Simple indeed, morddwyd - shame about the pain though! I was with O2 Ireland and, though it got subsumed into Three Ireland, I would have expected your charges to be roughly the same (less if anything, as everything’s more expensive in Ireland than in the UK). But our charge for a text to outside the EU is 35c.

Maybe you too have found out about the problem with some international texting that’s down to the vagaries of “mutual texting agreements” (or, just to make it more fun, whatever your partucular ISP decides to call them)? And this was their “solution” for you?

If so, perhaps you know that it's solvable if you or your son is willing to change to the right mobile network and use its phone number? (If it helps, I have a list somewhere of which UK networks have agreements with which ones (if any) in each country).

  Forum Editor 08:54 31 Aug 2018

"I pay O2 £10 a month or £2 per text, in addition to the normal charges"

I really still cannot understand why you need to send text messages when you can use Skype or WhatsApp anywhere in the world, free of charge. You could see your son, and talk to him at the same time. It's infinitely better than texting.

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