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Sending Texts to Australia

  morddwyd 10:29 04 Jul 2018

Is it necessary to set something up to send teats to Australia (I may have asked this before; if so my apologies)?

The only way I can send my son a text is via Skype. Two phones, on two networks, O2 andEE, both fail, with no "not sent" indication.

  x123 11:08 04 Jul 2018

Use Whatsapp.

You can text and phone for free. It uses an internet connection.

enter link description here

  wee eddie 11:11 04 Jul 2018

The UK prefix is 44, which replaces the 0 in a Mobile Phone number. The Australian country code is 61.

Add that to his Phone Number and away it goes

  x123 11:12 04 Jul 2018
  morddwyd 12:38 04 Jul 2018

Thank you. I know the prefix for Oz of course, because I use it when I telephone him - the number for SMS is the same as for voice.

Not sure how Whatsapp would change the case.

  lotvic 13:40 04 Jul 2018

I'm using the new Google's messages for web, (opens in a webpage in browser) and syncs with my phone text messages.

How to set it up click here

  x123 16:06 04 Jul 2018

If both phones have the Whatsapp application then you can send texts and telephone calls, for free, from anywhere in the world.

Also to anyone who has a Whatsapp application. You just need their telephone number.

  morddwyd 19:15 04 Jul 2018

Thank you. I cam already do that with Skype.

My question was about an inability to send text messages to Australia using the standard mobile phone network.

  wee eddie 02:54 05 Jul 2018

What combination of Codes/Numbers have you tried up to now?

  lotvic 11:03 05 Jul 2018

send text messages to Australia using the standard mobile phone network

Will that incur charges?

  Forum Editor 16:55 05 Jul 2018

WhatsApp is a far better bet.

  1. It's free*

  2. It's easy to use, and it works perfectly.

  3. You can send text messages, or make phone calls.

*Remember that all this goes via the internet, so depending on your plan, data charges may apply.

A mobile phone network will charge for sending an international text. My provider (EE) charges 35p for a standard rate text to Australia.

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