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See desktop view of this site on Android phone?

  polymath 15:25 09 May 2019

The Tech Advisor website used to let me see its desktop version on my phone, but Chrome's Desktop View seems to have no effect on it these days. I find Desktop views much easier to read on the phone (and can always zoom in if/when necessary). At the moment I want to print out a forum topic in order to reply better, but can only get this mobile version to print in enormous text on an inordinate number of pages. Is there a setting for it on the website itself? (Accessible from the mobile version, that is!). Or does the desktop view even still exist?

  polymath 15:48 09 May 2019

Sorry folks - I'm now happily in the desktop view. It's only just dawned that trying another browser might shed some light on it (coffee break time, methinks!). This is Opera (I'll look into it re Chrome later).

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