SD Sandisk Card error, DCIM folder now a file

  zhunter71 16:39 20 Apr 2019

I had some odd looking folders appear on my memory card, their names looked like machine code or something, so i can Check Disk, and selected Fix Errors, after it ran the folder on there that contained all the pictures, DCIM, has now turned into a file and i cant find any photos on the card at all? have they all been lost? If i put it in the camera now it says "naming error" , please help!

  x13 17:55 20 Apr 2019

There's a program called CampicRestore. Unfortunately I can only give a direct download link. If you're going to download it then run a security check on the zip folder and the extracted one. Create a destination folder on the PC and when you run Campic on the Sandisk browse to that destination folder to where it attempts to upload all the photos it can restore.

If you're not happy to try it then truy Recuva free. enter link description here

enter link description here

  x13 19:00 20 Apr 2019

I forgot to add that you have to right click the CampicRestore zip folder and select properties and tick the box for "This file came from another computer...." under the General tab and security at the bottom. Then apply and OK. I'm running it now on Windows 10. First thing is leave the destination folder as default. *C:\Digital Image Recovery* as if you redirect to a browsed folder it falls over in Windows 10. Next if you run Defender then allow the app through the 'Allow an App.... etc 'via the Ransome ware protection and 'Allow an App' via 'Add an allowed app' and 'recently blocked'. Let it run to the end and don't cancel.

  x13 19:22 20 Apr 2019

Nothing is easy is it? Let it run for the hours it needs, even overnight, as it will recover any images including .icos and any other rubbish as it is so efficient. Your job then is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Some images that might help. I would suggest, though, that just a one pass should be ok.

Default folder it works best in WinX

And all the chaff it picks up,

Anyway, whatever app/software you decide to use I wish you luck.

  x13 19:37 20 Apr 2019

Just to clarify I was running the restore images from an SD card connected to the SD card slot on a laptop to the default directory in Windows. The SD card has 20 GB backup data on it.

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