SD card in Sony Photoframe.

  john bunyan 18:39 31 Dec 2008

When I load a SD card from camera in new Sony Photo frame, no probs. If I load a SD card with 72dpi .jpgs from my PC a ? sign appears, and the manual says it is because the images came from a PC. This appears to be something to do with DCF format, but how to solve this? I like to collate pix on the PC, reduce resolution to 72dpi then burn a Photoframe file to a 1 gig Sd card.Any thoughts?

  john bunyan 17:30 01 Jan 2009

Anyone there?

  john bunyan 10:36 02 Jan 2009

Charence. Model DPF-D70. I have the manual, and it merely says, in the Trouble shooting on page 37, that if a ? mark appears, the "image may not be supported by the photo frame because, for example, it is a JPEG file that was created with your computer... ". I hope there is a solution as I want to collate images on to one file on the PC, and reduce the resolution to 72 dpi before copying the file to a 1 gig SD card for the photo frame. I think that DCF format is a key to this but am not sure how to apply it via a PC with JPEG images.

  john bunyan 18:06 03 Jan 2009

Stii does not work - I wonder how to create thumbnails from the PC? (Have Photoshop CS4)Anyone know about DCF?

  john bunyan 09:40 04 Jan 2009

When one gets photos from a camera or gets phots burnt to a CD at ASDA, a thumbs file is created. How can one create this on a PC? - I think this is the key, and it has to do with EXIF files. I will phone Sony support on Monday.

  john bunyan 10:26 05 Jan 2009

Kevscar. Thanks for that. In the meantime, a workround may be to connect the picture frame to the PC via USB and download direct from a folder there, then re-export to store extra pix on a blank SD card. The problem only seems to be trying to move photos from the PC via a SD card. I will mark this as resolved.

  john bunyan 17:49 05 Jan 2009

A final comment. Spoke to Sony who were not very helpful, asying that they did not guarantee modified .jpg files via a PC would work on their photoframes. After much fiddling about and looking at blogs, I found if I saved the .jpg in the baseline standard mode, I could load images from the PC, but not via a SD card. Progressive mode .jpgs do not work

  john bunyan 09:23 07 Jan 2009

Kevscar. Thanks. I have found that if you save jpg's NOT in progressive mode, they do transfer to the frame via the PC. Not mentioned in Sony's manual.

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