Screen sharing TV and cell

  Puran lal prajapat 12:44 16 Apr 2015

i have cell: moto g2 5.0.2 TV: panasonic THL32E6D (wifi inbuilt)

what echonomical options i have to see my cell screen on TV while playing games stored in cell. what alter nate to see tv screen on cell.

i have used veria remote 2 app and vedio is shown on tv. i have also used my cell as router and run mobile's net on tv. but my requirement is that i want to use my tv screen when i play game on cell.

  lotvic 20:00 16 Apr 2015

I think the feature you need is called 'Screen Casting' there are some YouTube vids about it for moto g click here

  Puran lal prajapat 04:46 17 Apr 2015

thanks lotvic, for quick response, i will try the same and come back, what is the meaning of rooted G and rewritable system, how can i get it.

  lotvic 10:33 17 Apr 2015

Rooting an Android phone or tablet means giving yourself ‘root’, or administrator rights. This means that you are able to edit system files which, normally, wouldn’t be accessible to normal users.

Be aware that it will void your warranty so make sure you know how to reset it back to how it was before. I advise doing an internet search for the methods and guides and study them before you do anything to your moto g. Also read the comments on the YouTube vids.

Disclaimer: You root phone at your own risk.

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