SCART cable question

  Jim Thing 14:39 08 Nov 2006

Here's a real Noddy's question from a real Noddy:

I have half a dozen SCART cables. Can I tell which ones are 'fully populated' simply by looking? Is it just a matter of checking that each connector has its full complement of 21 pins? Or do I need to bell through the lot?


  sean-278262 17:47 08 Nov 2006

click here

Should help elaborate things for you. 21pins is a full one however some have less ie Lower end scart cables. There is no easy way to check they all work as far as I am aware.

  Jim Thing 18:42 08 Nov 2006

Many thanks for the link. I had hoped that partially-wired SCARTs would be recognisable at a glance — because of absent pins perhaps — but no such luck. I suppose I'm in for a boring session with the ohmmeter.


  postie24 19:11 08 Nov 2006

Scarts with less than 21 pins are normally av in only or av out only.A fully wired scart gives you both in/out.If there are pins missing it wont work the latter option

  De Marcus™ 19:15 08 Nov 2006

Missing pins aren't necessarily an indication, sometimes the plugs are pinned but not wired.

  De Marcus™ 19:17 08 Nov 2006

Oops, well of course missing pins are an indication :-) but the latter still applies.

  Jim Thing 22:25 08 Nov 2006

All noted. Many thanks postie24 and De Marcus™

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