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Scam warning Giff Gaff SIM card

  john bunyan 20:26 09 Feb 2020

My wife and I have iPhones using Giff Gaff as sim supplier. Today my wife had a mobile phone message that said words to the effect that “ The new SIM card you ordered is ready for activation” If you haven’t ordered on log in - then it gave a http web address that looked exactly like Giff Gaffs log in screen. At that point we smelt a rat. I tried phoning the mobile no on a ex directory phone - it was an e mobile one with an answering machine.

I contacted her Giff gaff account via PC , and changed her log on password on the genuine site then deleted the offending message.

This scam is on Google but very realistic

  alanrwood 10:09 10 Feb 2020

If you are on Giffgaff pay as you go you might well want to review it as they are increasing their PAYG prices by 66-100% later this month.

  john bunyan 17:44 10 Feb 2020


No, I’m on rolling monthly at £10 a month with unlimited calls and texts with 6gig data. Wife on £8 a month rolling with unlimited calls and texts - just increased free from 500 minutes calls , lower data than me.

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