Saving video clips from UTube

  Awestruck 10:09 15 Apr 2007

How can I save a video clip from utube website so that I can play the clip with WMP or on a TV?


  FungusBoggieman 10:30 15 Apr 2007

click here
you can download from here put utube video url in box then continue and it will give you a download link to download file

  megat193 11:11 16 Apr 2007

Go click here and paste the video url into the box. Remember that these videos are saved in .flv format, so you either need an flv player (which you can get for free)or video conversion software. Some is free, some is shareware and some is quite expensive for what you want. Google for both player and software.

  wolfie3000 22:28 17 Apr 2007


Thanks for that :)

Iv been after this video for a while now.

click here

  Awestruck 18:12 19 Apr 2007

Thank you for prompt replies.

I tried both solutions but I must have done something daft in each case. With the first suggestion nothing was saved. With the second suggestion I downloaded an .flv converter as recommended and then downloaded the video. The result was a file/folder? called get_video which will not open or yield any useful information when right click then click properties. Please can you advise me?


  megat193 20:24 19 Apr 2007

It is actually on the help section of Savetube, click here but it is easy to miss. When you go to save the video rename it and end the name in .flv This is done in the name box, leave the file type (document) alone. This should then save the file as newname.flv which you can use the flv player to view the video. I purchased a nifty wee programme from click here called AVS Video Converter 5.5 which copes with just about every conversion that I want. However, I paid for it and there are freebies around.
Good Luck!

  Bapou 19:23 20 Apr 2007

I've just used click here to convert a video from You Tube for the first time. In this link there's a choice of format to convert the YouTube .flv file to.

At first I was beginning to think this was not going to work. First came failures connecting to the Server, 'then You Tube is Busy'. Finally it did work and my video clip was converted to .avi, downloaded and saved.

Playback in Windows Media Player was fine, as intended.

  john-232317 08:13 21 Apr 2007

Try this [img]click here[/img] direct download and choose your save file type.

  john-232317 08:15 21 Apr 2007

Whoops ignore that... try this click here

  Awestruck 11:27 21 Apr 2007

many thanks all of you for the various solutions, all were most helpful, they all work, and are printed out for my own instruction manual.
Megat193: the instructions on You tube Help are excellent, thanks for pointing me in that direction.

Keep up the good work

  al7478 22:20 22 Apr 2007

saved for reference

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