Saving raw file with elements 7

  macsteve 17:07 25 Mar 2009

When i save a raw file in elements 7 it saves it as a xmp file in my picture file which i cant open.

I am saving the raw file the wrong way please advise best way to save raw file.

Thanks in advance for help.


  hssutton 22:10 25 Mar 2009

Why are you using Elements or any other editor for that matter to save a file that is already saved?

If on a memory card just transfer it direct to a dedicated "Raw" folder, then edit a copy in Elements

  macsteve 09:35 26 Mar 2009

Once i edit the pic and save the changes it saves it as a xmp file

  hssutton 10:42 26 Mar 2009

Are you now saying that you do not want to save the raw files, but want to convert to a Jpeg or Tiff files?.

If so when you have the photo you want to save edited, goto "Save As" under "File Menu" In the box that pops up enter your file name and below that you will see a tab labled "Format" click on the little arrow to the right. You will now be presented with a list of various file formats select jpeg or Tiff and save.

  macsteve 10:59 26 Mar 2009

One last question once i am finished editing raw pic what way is best to save file jpeg or tiff ie what is the different.

And thank you again for your help on this item


  ventanas 11:12 26 Mar 2009

When you have finished applying adjustments in CameraRaw click the Open Image button at the bottom right. You can then choose Save as from the file menu and choose whatever type of file you want.
It will not overwrite the Raw file.
Personally I use .tif, but what you use is up to you.

  hssutton 13:23 26 Mar 2009

I also use Tiff, but then make a jpeg copy for internet use.

My full size uncropped Tiffs come out at approx 65Mb whereas a maximum quality uncropped Jpeg would be around 12Mb.

As Ventanas says the choice is yours.

With a Tiff file you can re-edit without any loss in quality, but doing this with Jpeg will result in a progressive drop in quality. However if you're a "Happy Snapper" as apposed to being a serious photography, then Jpegs should be just fine.

  macsteve 13:55 26 Mar 2009

Thanks for all your help


  ventanas 16:04 27 Mar 2009

I didn't explain what the .xmp file is, which was your original question.
This is a file created by Photoshop (or Elements) that contains a record of the adjustments you have made to the Raw file.
If you move both the Raw file and the xmp file to another computer all the edits will still be there. If you don't move the xmp file you will be back to square one.

Stands for Extensible Metadata Platform.

You can avoid these files appearing by converting your Raw files to DNG. This file format contains all the edits within it. and there is no xmp file.

To get the DNG converter click here

But I stick with NEF.

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