Saved by Tesco

  JYPX 22:45 03 Jan 2007

My Panasonic DVD recorder failed 2 days before xmas. Checking my receipt, I found that it was purchased late January 2006, so it was 11 months old. Took it back to Tesco with some trepidation - I felt certain that I was in for a lengthy repair process.
However, Tesco - without one second of hesitation - offered me a full refund. I am sure you will agree, that is outstanding service!

  sean-278262 23:55 03 Jan 2007

Tesco are an amazing company in my opinion. I purchased a keyboard. Nothing posh £10, got home and realised the laptop doesnt have a ps2 port. Took it back unopened and went to the counter. 10 mins after entering the shop and selecting a suitable usb replacement and sorted. No arguement, the assistant even shared a joke.

  Stuartli 18:35 04 Jan 2007

Tesco has always offered excellent customer service and I've never experienced anything but a prompt refund or replacement - in fact in certain instances if you return anything it is replaced and you also get your money back.

  Arnie 18:47 04 Jan 2007

I agree entirely.

A year ago I bought a Siemens phone, (I can't remember the model number).

I didn't like the software installed.
I had already registered the phone and told them so.
Yet, Tesco exchanged it for a Nokia 1100 model.
These two models were exactly the same price.

This was done within a week of the purchase date.

  STREETWORK 19:54 04 Jan 2007

I went to Tesco for some shopping and came back with a wife...I love the place...

  oresome 21:17 04 Jan 2007

To give an opposing view I'll relate a recent incident we had with Tesco.

We used the home delivery service for two cases of wine. Unfortunately we were away the week when the order was delivered and it was accepted by our daughter.

One case was wrong and in fact had another customers name and postcode marked on it.

The daughter rang the help desk and was given the option of returning the case to the store or having the correct case delivered and the incorrect taken away.

She elected to return the case to the store the same evening to save inconvenience all round.

The store's computer would not recognise the bar code on the case of wine and they were unable to process an exchange. Details were taken and a return phone call was promised the next day from the delivery manager.

No phone call was received the next day or the rest of the week whilst we were away.

My wife rang the help desk on returning home and a return call was promised from the delivery manager that day.

No call received.

My wife rang again the following day and the same thing happened again.

I resorted to email so that we had a written record of events, remaining polite throughout, but still promises were made by email that a manager would phone, but they didn't. (emailing took at least 48 hours for them to reply)

Finally, a fortnight after the delivery, I wrote to head office voicing my complaint that a simple error couldn't be resolved.

The letter was never acknowledged.

Three weeks after the event, my wife returned to the store with the incorrect case of wine, asked to speak to the delivery manager and showed him the trail of correspondance both to the help desk and to head office.

The manager was appalled at the level of customer service we had received.

Finally, my wife got the correct case of wine, carried to the car by the manager and a full refund.

Which just goes to show that even the best companies can screw up customer service big time.

We will not be using the home delivery service again. It's a damn sight easier going to the store!

  Arnie 23:25 04 Jan 2007

"I went to Tesco for some shopping and came back with a wife...I love the place..."

Every little helps!

  Stuartli 00:14 05 Jan 2007

>>"I went to Tesco for some shopping and came back with a wife..>>

Tesco had run out when I took mine back so I'm stuck with her for the moment...:-)

  sean-278262 01:05 05 Jan 2007

"We will not be using the home delivery service again. It's a damn sight easier going to the store!"

I think thats true of most places. Eventually they get it wrong. You just happened to be the unlucky one.

As for finding a wife. Nice one. Tesco making life taste better (DONT ANYONE START I KNOW IT IS WRONG!).


  Dellman 10:29 05 Jan 2007


....didn't you go for the BOGOF deal on the "wife"?.....


....did you not get double Clubcard points on your "purchase"?

  STREETWORK 18:37 05 Jan 2007

What, I can upgrade????

Well we where in the freezer isle and it was a little cold (wink)...

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