samsung tv wont stay on 16.9 screen size,

  impact 14:11 18 Jul 2008

My samsung has freeview built in, and when i change channels,say,to ITV 2 if the programme was recorded in 4.3,it will go to that setting so i have to revert back manually to 16.9,this tv (LE32R8)will lose the picture for about four seconds every now and again, and when the picture returns it has gone back to 4.3,i have tried everything in the manual but i just cant make it stay in 16.9 mode,sky will keep the ratio, so will my panasonic recorder,is there a way to lock the tv to 16.9 size,thanks.

  GRIDD 15:14 18 Jul 2008

My dad had this problem on one of his sets and he had to return it for repair.

  impact 15:51 18 Jul 2008

Thanks very much,i have emailed samsung,so i will wait for them to reply,thanks again.

  BT 17:02 18 Jul 2008

Surely this is to show the picture in its correct configuration. A 4:3 picture in 16:9 looks distorted. My widescreen set has always done this if set on auto, but you can set it into any picture size you like - 4:3, 4:3zoom, 14:9, 14:9zoom, 16:9, Panoramic or Full screen, if you like distorted pictures. I think you will find it will return to the default Auto setting when you switch it off.

  impact 19:26 18 Jul 2008

Samsung have emailed me with what they think the problem may be,they say it is probably in shop mode and have given me instructions to change it to home mode,so i will try it later,when it happens the screen has the two broad black bands either side,and it is good practice to fill the screen fully as it can affect pixels,that was in the handbook,or similar,when i enlarge a 4.3 ratio to 16.9,there is no difference in quality on my tv,thanks for reply.

  impact 10:12 19 Jul 2008

following instructions from samsung the problem is solved,the picture stays full screen when i change channels.

  Daiol 09:18 10 Aug 2008

impact.Not being nosy but what did samsung tell you to do??, i have a 37ins sansung.daiol

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