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Samsung smartphones versus Motorola Motos?

  seahermit 02:20 14 Mar 2019

I just wonder if anyone has strong opinions about the respective merits of these brands? I like the larger screens coming onto the market these days and am thinking of upgrading from my very good Samsung J5 to either a Samsung J6 Plus (6") or the new Motorola Moto G7 Power(6.2"). I found the reviews here very helpful but can't make my mind up! I'm used to the excellent Samsungs, never tried the Motorolas before - would it big jump in the way they work and quality? I did look through the previous posts but forgive me if this has been covered before.

  canarieslover 16:17 14 Mar 2019

I'm currently using a J5 but when my contract ends I will definitely go back to a Motorola. The Samsung has poor ring tones and they are so quiet it almost negates its use as an alarm clock. I have missed calls when it has been in my pocket even with the vibrate on as well. Certainly never had that sort of problem with my previous Motorola's. If these things aren't important to you then the Samsung may be O.K..

  Menzie 19:11 14 Mar 2019

Motorola uses close to stock Android. Samsung uses their own interface on top which for those accustomed to stock Android takes some adjustment. The reverse is also true if you use Samsung phones and go to stock Android.

Motorola budget phones are very good, my last was a G5. The only letdown on them can be the camera.

  seahermit 01:33 15 Mar 2019

Thanks for the comments. I quite agree about the ringtones, pretty dreary! It's only a detail but .. if you are using the phone every day and the ringtone can't be heard in a noisy pub or you dislike the colour or the phone isn't comfortable to hold, you will end up switching to another phone, however good the technology.

I got round the problem by using my own ringtone, downloaded from somewhere and installed on my Samsung. The banjo-theme from "Deliverance" cuts through all the noise of the pub!

Yes, I'm aware of Samsung loading their own interface (and a lot of bloatware) onto their phones. Difficult - I have to decide whether I can bother with spending time, getting used to Motorola's somewhat different set-up. The Samsung J6 Plus is a good mid-range phone and is in a range of stunning colours.

  Menzie 12:15 15 Mar 2019

At my workplace we use Samsung handsets and I find myself often doing gestures and things that my old Motorola did. This would just result in nothing happening.

For instance doing a chop motion activates the torch; doing a quick twist activates the camera.

I've switched to an LG which doesn't have the gestures and that took some adjustment.

The interface wasn't much of an issue as I use a launcher called Nova so they pretty much look the same.

If you're comfortable with Samsung I'd say continue with them.

Another thing to note about Motorola is they give one major Android update now (previously 2). Security updates are fairly frequent but I think Samsung is slightly better at that.

  seahermit 02:43 16 Mar 2019

Thanks. It's still difficult - I like Samsungs and have got used to them, I also think that they are slightly better shaped and studier than the thinner Motorolas.

But the new Moto G7 range have bigger screens, up to 6.2". It is noticeable, I think ..

  Forum Editor 12:12 17 Mar 2019

"I like Samsungs and have got used to them"

Me too, although I have toyed with the idea of trying something different.

This might help you decide. It's certainly making me think.

  seahermit 14:14 17 Mar 2019

Thanks very much for all the comments. I looked again at your excellent review and the Moto G7 range are indeed tempting. The G7 Power is the one I might go for - slightly lower specification but a massive battery, good for travelling.

  harrys56431 09:03 11 May 2019

If you are comparing between Samsung & Motorola mobile phone, then I must say you have to go for Samsung because it is more reliable than Motorola. In these days Samsung has products with best specifications according to the user needs.

  seahermit 18:01 11 May 2019

Thanks. I ended up getting the Moto G7 Power and I am really happy with it. I expect that the Samsungs have better specifications and a better track record, however the Moto has a very big, colourful screen, works very smoothly and the battery sometimes lasts me much of a week! Lovely to use and does all I need it to.

  seahermit 18:04 11 May 2019

The Moto also boots up in 10 seconds, my Samsung J5 took almost a minute, very irritating!

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