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Samsung Smart TV - won’t connnect to internet

  maz403 11:58 18 Mar 2018

Hi I have bought a UE43MU6100. Cannot get internet connection - ‘connected to local network but not to internet.’ I have spent hours trolling google and trying all suggestions. One of the problems is I am on a Caravan site and have no access to router to try anything with that. My question is since , most of the time, I can connect to phone hotspot ( get the message as above about 10% of time) does this mean the problem is at my end rather than with the actual tv. Only bought it Thursday and would return if TV was at fault. Can connect iphone and Amazon Firestick no problem. Any suggestions or advice welcome. Thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 12:44 18 Mar 2018

There are no guarantees, but this is worth a try.

Go into the network settings on your TV and find network settings. Find DNS server, and enter: 8 8 8 8

Now try to connect.

  maz403 21:41 18 Mar 2018

Thank you I have tried that to no avail

  maz403 18:14 19 Mar 2018

Thank I decided to just spend an extra £30 and buy a Amazon firestick for the van. At least I know that connects and gives me the ‘smart ‘ features. Annoying when the TV should have done it all !!

  Stef1994 21:36 06 Sep 2018

I've had exactly the same issue a couple of weeks ago with my Samsung Smart TV. I struggled for hours with the settings and other things. My phone and laptop connected to my wifi without trouble. So I didn't thought that it would be the internet that would be the issue. In the end I called my internet provider, they told me that they made an update in their system that fucked something up at their end, and therefore I couldn't visit HTTPS sites but only HTTP sites. Really weird.. But that apparently also meant that my smart TV couldn't connect to the tv. Once they fixed the issue with their update it worked again. Try giving your provider a call.

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