Samsung Smart TV - Now Not So Smart - Help!

  Norman W 11:34 18 Jan 2018

I have a 4 year old Samsung smart TV (model UE32EH5300) which has in the last 6 months lost its smartness. BBC iPlayer was the first to stop working and on clicking just gave a black screen.

I've Googled and tried all possible solutions I've found - updating, resetting, changing countries, retuning, manual setting time and date and all I've achieved is to mess up the smart hub altogether and now can't add any apps at all. So now it's completely without use.

Some of the above solutions have obviously worked for some people and others have given up saying it requires Samsung to update their firmware, which doesn't appear to be happening. Does anyone have any knowledge of this fault or even better a way to fix it?


  Norman W 11:42 18 Jan 2018

Apologies, I've posted this thread in the wrong forum. Should've been in Digital Home & Smartphones. Can the forum editor move please. Thanks.

  natdoor 11:49 18 Jan 2018

It was widely publicised back in September that BBC iplayer would no longer function on older TVs, including your Panasonic. The BBC have said that they are unable to continue to support old systems. There is no solution apart from using an external system such as NOW tv, which is available for £15.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:10 18 Jan 2018

I would suggest you reinstall the firmware and start from scratch click here but has already been pointed out due to the BBC changing iplayer app is unlikely to work however it may mean you get your other smart features to work.

  Norman W 12:21 18 Jan 2018

Thanks to both natdoor and Fruit Bat for the replies. I'll forego iPlayer but might have a go reinstalling the firmware. Can this go badly and affect the TV if I get it wrong?

Also (ignorant question coming up), I'm not very tech-literate, if I download the firmware to my computer, how do I get it to the TV?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:48 18 Jan 2018

Don't try and download from my link above as kaspersy has blocked it.

First try a Factory Reset of your TV click here how to update software

if the above doesn't work then you need to reinstall the firmware I find I have to do this ocasionally on my humax box when it locks up. click here for instructions


  Forum Editor 12:52 18 Jan 2018

Moved as requested - thank you for letting me know.

  Norman W 13:04 18 Jan 2018

Thanks Fruit Bat. I did the factory reset already to no avail and I think this was what wiped out the remainder of the apps in the smart hub. Will give the firmware update a go and pray I don't mess up anything else on the TV. Cheers.

  Norman W 14:11 18 Jan 2018

Thanks for posting that link Lorraine. I had seen mention of Samsung on the iPlayer webpages before (just saying Samsung were working on a fix), but hadn't come across that list. As it happens my TV isn't on that page but is listed on another page as a "Samsung BBC iPlayer Certified Device" so in theory it should still be supported. A slim ray of hope perhaps but then I wonder why it suddenly stopped working.

  Brianking 23:30 19 Jan 2018

Surely we should all just turn up at samsung head office with our crappy tv's and invite the media.

  Norman W 11:08 13 Feb 2018

A quick update for anyone in the same position. Rather than attempt a firmware update myself I thought I'd contact Samsung first. They had me try a factory reset, which I'd done already, but this time powering down the TV and unplugging for a few minutes, then resetting. It made no difference. Same errors.

Their next suggestion was to unplug the TV, reboot the router, then Press the 'Menu' button on the TV remote, choose 'Network', and select 'Network Settings' then establish the network connection. Set 'IP Setting' to 'Get Automatically', set the 'DNS Setting' to '', and reconnect to the network. Then press the 'Smart Hub' button on the TV remote, choose 'Samsung Apps', and download random apps. This didn't work either, same errors, so I had to send them a photo of the Smart hub Information Screen.

To do this, press the 'Smart Hub' button on the TV remote. While on the Smart Hub home screen, press the 'FF', '2', '8', '9', and '1' buttons on the TV remote to view the Smart Hub information screen. So I've now emailed them this and got the reply:

"This is to acknowledge that we have received your response to our e-mail about your unit, and we appreciate that you provided a photo of the Smart Hub information. We will be coordinating this with our Product Specialist for further review and investigation"

So I await further developments. They usually reply within 2 days but that last reply was 4 days ago so I'm still waiting. I'll update the thread in due course.

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