Samsung S5 stop constant wifi scanning

  scarylee 10:50 16 Dec 2016

Hi, I have a Samsung S5, android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.
My wifi scans every few seconds. I have gone into settings, wifi and advanced but there is no option to stop the constant scanning. Your advise is much appreciated as it's driving me insane. Thank you

  Burn-it 13:22 16 Dec 2016

Turn off location services. That is the one app that does the most scanning. If you actually need to find out where you are and where "the nearest ?" is just turn it on temporarily.

  scarylee 14:44 16 Dec 2016

Thank you for your reply Burn it. But location services is off but it still is scanning. Could it be one of my apps causing the problem?

  Burn-it 16:20 16 Dec 2016

Email scanning for updates??

  morddwyd 19:49 16 Dec 2016

No, burn it. I have the same problem.

It seems to be a feature of Samsing devices. They constantly scam for wi fi networks even though they're connected.

  scarylee 20:59 16 Dec 2016

So I went to the EE shop about this and he told me it's only scanning because I am going into the wifi network screen and if I just touch wifi on my short cuts it will not scan once it's connected to the wifi you want to connect to. But I do get issues with wifi open networks connecting then disconnecting but that could be because they are not secure. So my problem seemed to be an issue with my home router and miraculously today it works as there are no updates installing to slow it down. I'll close this post down now. Thanks all

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