Samsung S5 Neo or Samsung S7

  SURVEY 11:14 28 Apr 2017

I presently have a Samsung S5 Neo which is an excellent phone except for a fault that causes it to lose power when powered off! Its been returned to Samsung repair shops 4 times without any improvement. It is not a huge inconvenience as the loss is no greater than when the phone is left on and it charges quickly. However I am geeting annoyed about this and have considered buying a Samsung S7 as soon as the price drops (following the release of the S8). Has anyone made the change and if so is the S7 any better than my present phone? Looking at the specs for the S7 there is very little differenec between the 2 phones.

  varonica Basu 08:38 29 Apr 2017

The things that matter most in a phone is a quality display with a decent pixel density, a processor capable of maintaining that 60fps sweet spot, and you need a battery that will get you through the fun without needing to be connected to power.

The truth is, both of these phones offer a great VR experience. You'll find a slightly better overall experience with the Galaxy S8, but is that difference enough to justify spending the extra money?

  Gordon Freeman 12:22 30 Apr 2017

Can't comment on yr current phone, but I have the galaxy S7 (not S7 Edge) and it's a very good phone which I'd recommend. Prices might drop post release of the S8 but not sure by how much.

  SURVEY 12:24 30 Apr 2017

Thanks. Any other comments?

  AllisonAngel 10:48 18 May 2017

This is serious issue with your Samsung s5 neo. You must see before buying Samsung galaxy s7, that the provider is a reliable.

  Manish Pandey 10:59 18 May 2017

Samsung s7 is far better than Samsung s5 neo, not even a comparison between these phone especially in look wise here you can check there configurations click here

  SURVEY 18:12 18 May 2017

Allison. Problem with my s5 neo is nothing to do with the provider!

  SURVEY 18:15 18 May 2017

Manish. Thanks. Am aware of the stats on paper. However it's what happens in real life usage that's important. I get the impression that in like for like usage the battery on the s7 would be as good if not better that my s5 neo.

  AllisonAngel 12:01 23 May 2017

Samsung Galaxy S7 is finest mobile as compare to Samsung Neo5.

  SURVEY 13:26 31 May 2017

Thanks for all your replies. I did buy a Samsung s7. To be honest although it is very good, so was my S5 Neo.

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