Samsung S3 or Iphone 4gs?

  the old man 13:59 13 Aug 2012

Due an upgrade now and currently have an HTC Desire. I fancy upgrading but not sure what to do. Any advice appreciated.

  bremner 18:23 13 Aug 2012

The Samsung is the better phone and the iPhone has the better operating system (iOS)

If the rumours are true then the next iPhone could be launched in September and this could be better than the Samsung and will have an even better version of iOS. IPhone5 launch

  sunnystaines 18:35 13 Aug 2012

i have just gone from htc desire to galaxy 3 a few days ago very pleased with it, but there is a learning curve to go through the android is a later version.

only minor disappointment no proper classic ringtone its all daft melody tunes, i'm looking for a app to sort that out. the screen is so much better.

if you get the samsung and want a samsung cradle to use as a satnav or hands free buy from o2 shop they are £15.99 whereas phones4u are £29.

  Matt Bell 13:15 16 Aug 2012

Get Samsung S3 if you want a really good phone. My sister has Samsung S3 and she is very pleased.

  manoj9585 08:23 17 Aug 2012

If you want more free apps, the option of changing the appearance of the home screen, and the power to put your apps on an SD card to move to another phone in the future, go for the Samsung. Also, I'm sure you don't have to sync an Android, which saves 1 hr+ of wasted time. If you want bragging rights and Siri, go for the iPhone 4S. However, when you sync an iPhone, it creates a back-up of all the data on the iPhone, so if something happens to the iPhone, you won't have wasted collage online

  Woolwell 11:45 20 Aug 2012

manoj9585 - adds a spam link to his posts.

  dazzawm 20:04 21 Aug 2012

In my opinion the Galaxy S3 all day long. It is the first 'flash' phone I have had and it is brilliant and i know from a friends experience the iphone is a lot of hassle having to sync with itunes etc. every time you want to put a simple mp3 on it.

  lhalfman 08:07 23 Aug 2012

I don't think you can compare the S3 to 4S but maybe the iphone 5 when it comes out. Even though there are some minor problem with the S3 it is still a great phone

  nihao15 07:47 24 Aug 2012

iphone 5 when it comes out. you can see it.

  the old man 08:54 24 Aug 2012

I have bit the bullet and gone with the S3. Don't think I have made the wrong choice as it is a gorgeous piece of kit. Large, but I will get used to that. Very quick, lots of things to customise, and very intuitive.

  SandMulls 05:53 02 Sep 2012

One thing that had me going for the iPhone over the S3 is the free fax to email app that I found at

Since I am always mobile and would need to receive important faxes every now and then, i would really need this functionality. So, for me, it's the iPhone. :)

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