SAMSUNG LE37M8 won't switch to HDMI mode ???

  TNorris 16:47 20 Apr 2008

Hi, I have a LE37M8 which worked great with Sky+ (scart feed). But we now have SKY HD (HDMI feed) and when we select SKY button on SKY remote it switches on SKY HD box but LE37M8 does not switch to the HDMI mode (as it used to to scart mode with SKY+). I am ok selecting HDMI 1&2 modes with the TV control, but wife is non too pleased.
Can anybody help?
Can it be made to switch to HDMI modes automatically?

Thanks in anticipation.

  MCE2K5 17:17 20 Apr 2008

"Can it be made to switch to HDMI modes automatically?":

Mine don't, I have to select HDMI Manually.

  TNorris 17:35 20 Apr 2008

If it the LE37M8 cannot be made to switch to HDMI automatically, can it at least me made to go to HDMI each time the TV is switched on?


  MCE2K5 17:56 20 Apr 2008

Are you using a Scart lead connected from Sky HD Box to TV as well as an HDMI Cable.

If so, that is why HDMI is being overriden by Scart.

Try turning OFF Scart Control in Sky HD Box Picture Settings.

  TNorris 18:33 20 Apr 2008

No scart connections now, Sony upscaler and SkyHD box are both linked via HDMI leads (HDMI1 AND HDMI2)

  anskyber 20:49 20 Apr 2008

Very few if any current TVs are "tripped" by HDMI because that facility is not available. It has to be done manually.

They call it progress but that is certainly one step backwards.

  Paulius55 23:10 20 Apr 2008

I have a Samsung LE32R41BDX television and it is annoying that it doesn't automatically change to HDMI input. However, it does remember the last input that it was on, so if I switch off in HDMI, it turns on in HDMI.

  kevinjuan 08:35 21 Apr 2008

I have a Samsung LE40R88.

It only switches automatically to the HDMI if another Samsung is switched on. I have a samsung home cinema which automatically turns on the TV ( if off) or swaps to the correct HDMI.

If I turn on my Sony HDD recorder it doesn't change to the HDMI.

  dms_05 14:43 21 Apr 2008

My son has a 42" Sony that doesn't automatically select HDMI when his Sky HD box is turned on. However with the Sky remote in TV mode he can flick through the Inputs by pressing Select until he reaches the one he wants. It's quite a few clicks!

I have a Samsung 37" HDTV and that doesn't automatically select HDMI except when I have my Samsung HDMI HDD Recorder as the only source and connect by the Samsung Anynet system.

As someone said - HDMI autoselect doesn't seem to be enabled on many devices

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