samsung le23r7 LCD tv

  aine 16:46 12 May 2007

Hi there, has anyone got SKY+ remote code for the above, mine will operate all functions except the sky menu, which as you all know is most important. Thanks in advance Regards AINE

  BRYNIT 17:54 12 May 2007

You could have a faulty remote or the sky box is not receiving the signal.

From when I was installing sky Digital adding the remote code for a TV did not alter any of the sky buttons.

It may be a silly question but have you pressed the sky button first.

Unplugging the sky box for a few minutes, plugging it back in and letting it reset itself sometimes works.

  aine 12:10 13 May 2007

thanks BRYNIT for your speedy reply, I forgot to add that the remote i am using is through TV link. the sky box functions correctly on the main set.I have tried all of the codes in the samsung list, the nearest one 0646, but this will not operate the menu, but all other functions on the tv are working okay via this remote. Regards AINE

  BRYNIT 17:11 13 May 2007

Its been a few years since installing Sky digital it could be a few things that could be causing the problem.

1 Take the remote direct to the Sky Digi box this will tell you if the remote is working.

2 have you connected a aerial cable direct from the RF2 connection at the back of the Sky digi box to the room with the TV link. If It is connected via a TV booster or you have split the cable to go to other rooms it will not work. A small voltage is sent along the cable for the TV link to work.

3 have you gone into the services section of the main Sky digi box and switched on the RF power supply this is needed for the TV Link. The TV link used to have a red light that came on to confirm that the TV link was working.

4 If you have done 1 & 2 it could be you have accidentally shorted the Sky digi box by touching the end of the cable when connecting the TV link. Unplugging the Sky digi box for a few minutes plug back in and try again.

  aine 21:10 13 May 2007

All the things you have suggested i have already checked.It looks as though i will have to hope sky bring out a number for this TV.I will click as resolved unless someone else has a solution, i was hoping a sky engineer had come across this with it being a new model

  jolorna 21:53 15 May 2007

have a look here click here

  aine 19:14 27 May 2007

hi folks, problem solved. Code 0646 worked ,the problem was a low output signal on the sky box, corrected this , now brilliant,Thanks Aine

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