Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite disconnects from Wi-Fi

  SlugAdmiralLord 15:44 04 Oct 2014

Hello Whenever I don't use my Wi-Fi for about 15 min it'll just stop working, the phone will say there still is a connection while there actually isn't. I can fix the problem by disconnecting and connecting back to the wi-fi. I heard there is supposed to be a setting for "Auto Network switch" but I can't seem to find that one. Help would be appreciated

Sincerely Stranger

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:47 05 Oct 2014

Does this happen on all wireless networks or only at home?

  SlugAdmiralLord 20:49 10 Oct 2014

I'm not sure, I only tried this at my network but my Samsung tablet doesn't seem to have that problem though.

I also noticed it only stops working when it's not plugged in the charger so my guess is there is an option that automatically shuts it off to save battery. I can't seem to find that option though.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:13 12 Oct 2014


  1. Phone dialer
  2. Dial *#0011#
  3. When you see the "ServiceMode" screen, press the left menu button
  4. Select "WiFi"
  5. See that "Wifi Power Save Mode" button that is "ON" - well turn it "OFF"
  6. Exit this menu, turn off your Wifi and turn it back on. If you already entered all your wifi credentials, forget your network info (remove it) and re-enter it again.

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