Samsung Gaalixy Ace in the car

  Migwell 08:59 27 May 2012

I have a Samsung Ace and it is supposed to do voice dialing. I have it connected to a Nokia CK7W kit in my car via blue tooth, my old phone a Nokia auto answered with out me having to do anything and it voice dialed after I pressed the button on the dashboard and received a tone. You then spoke the word you wanted to dial, (HOME) and it wiuld dial the number for your home or what ever you said.

Can any one tell me how to do it? You are not meant to touch your phone while driving as you know, so as it is I would have to pull over and dial the number the same way as I would when walking in the street, but of cause I would still be able to hear and talk to the other person over the car kit as I used to on my old Nokia phone. I can however answer the incoming call by pressing the button on the dash, which I don't mind.

  dms_05 09:05 31 May 2012
  manoj9585 11:15 25 Jun 2012

Yes this is the great feature of Samsung phones and we can open photo print online in this set.

  Migwell 16:01 25 Jun 2012

Thanks dms_05. Just got the email from PCA today 25/06/2012 I have downloaded it and lo and behold it wirks thanks again. Migwell

  wmary10 04:56 26 Jun 2012

Good enough you got the problem fixed. Sometimes techs are like this. you never can tell when you get the best quality. to me its all about lucky game here.

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