Samsung G600

  BryanR 17:17 04 Jan 2008

I've just bought one of these and signed up to a monthly contract with Virgin mobile. Haven't actually seen the phone, but was attracted by the 5megapixel camera and online reviews that I've read.

Does anyone here have one of these models? Have i invested wisely?

This latest purchase and contract means i now get my mobile, broadband, cable tv and home phone all from Virgin (and they're likely to be my mortgage lender shortly if Branson gets his hands on Northern Rock). Should i be worried? :)

  Forum Editor 11:41 05 Jan 2008

but my son - who I asked - says he's about to get one, so he'll also be interested in any response here.

  BryanR 11:05 06 Jan 2008

FE you can let your son know that I'm very impressed so far. Very intuitive interface, slim (it's a design icon, apparently), and images from the camera are excellent.

The phone came with a free 1GB MicroSD memory card, free bluetooth headset and I can also choose between either a free iPod Nano, PSP or £100 free credit from Virgin Mobile. Only minor concern is that my fat stubby fingers sometimes struggle when sending text messages. :)


  Forum Editor 22:21 06 Feb 2008

A belated thanks for your feedback - I'll pass your comments on.

  bighurst 16:25 11 Feb 2008

Does look very smart indeed,have to add it to the wishlist

  BryanR 17:17 11 Feb 2008

I've never been too interested in mobiles - providing it allows you to make calls and send texts, that's enough for me. However, I'm most impressed with this - I've even dropped it a few times (on hard floors!) and it works/looks as well as when I first bought it.

  Nobby1011 12:27 12 Feb 2008

I love this phone, but how do you get a photo to set as a caller image? Every time I try I get a message that says 'empty entry'. Can anyone advise please? What am I doing wrong

  Nobby1011 12:13 13 Feb 2008

I will try when I get a moment - will let you know. Thnks Again

  adgta 02:04 06 Mar 2008

The samsung ringtones are horrible, my girlfriend bluetoothed the 24 ringtone mp3 from her samsung so i could use it. It will play on my g600 but when I try and set it as a ringtone it says "not supported content". Surely if the phone plays an mp3 fine it should be able to be used as a ringtone, does anyone have any ideas?

  lisa02 20:41 13 Mar 2008


Is it stored on a memory card or phone memory?

It needs to be in phone memory to be used as a ringtone.

PS. start your own threads from now on please!

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