samsung digimax 301

  Rockpebblar 10:53 17 Mar 2009

I bought the above for use on fishing trips off ebay and when hooked up to my pc I deleted two folders one "DCIM" which stored the pics and another folder called "pers" (which I took to mean personal id).
After deletion I disconnected from pc and switched on the camera to test and on the lcd screen was a b&w pattern of no definate shape, the pattern is consistant whichever mode I turn on and never alters, I cannot access the menu. Was this coincidental and the screen is kaput or have I deleted a required system firmware file?

  anchor 14:24 17 Mar 2009

Why not ask Samsung camera support:

click here

  Rockpebblar 17:28 17 Mar 2009

I have tried but the camera is for some reason not on their database and will not accept queries without the correct camera model being included. both on uk and global site...very frustrating

  laurie53 08:17 18 Mar 2009

In the absence of a reset procedure try taking the battery out and leaving it out overnight.

I wouldn't have though it was that easy to get into the firmware.

Have you tried the "Digital Spy" forums?

While our own "experts" are perhaps among the best in the world, you do get some really obscure and unusual threads there!

  Rockpebblar 09:03 18 Mar 2009

Thanks Laurie53. will try the digital spy forum if I can find it, else I will throw the camera away, I should have known better than to buy from ebay old stuff!
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  ravingdave 13:27 18 Mar 2009

I doubt very much that you have deleted the camera firmware. Every digital camera I have come across will start up without a memory card inserted, but obviously not be able to store pictures. Also, if ou delete the DCIM folder on a memory card, then the camera should just re-create it, as it would do if you just inserted a newly purchased blnk memory card.

According to the camera manual the 301 has 16mb of onboard memory, so should work fine even without a memory card installed.

Sounds to me as if there is a fault with either the camera or screen itself. Do you have the lead included that connects the camera to a TV - if yes, then you could try that, and if it works when connected to the TV, then that would imply a fault with the camera screen.

  anchor 15:14 18 Mar 2009

Try phoning Samsung camera support; their number is on the link I gave. If anyone knows the answer, they should.

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