S-Video PC Input

  ArrGee 13:44 14 Sep 2007

I have an S-Video-out on my TV and an S-Video-in on the PC. I have connected the two.

How do I see the TV pic on the PC?


  ambra4 13:54 14 Sep 2007

I thing you have it wrong there is no s-video in on a pc only a s-video out so you will not able to see the tv on you pc

Check the manuals TV and PC

  ArrGee 14:00 14 Sep 2007

I have a fairly new (6 month) old HP Media Centre PC. On the front is a panel with a section marked 'Input'.

Within that section there is:
1. S-Video
2. Composite Video
3. Audio Left
4. Audio Right.

As the S-Video is within this clearly marked 'input' section, I would assume that this does indeed have S-Video-in.

Hope that helps.

  ArrGee 14:01 14 Sep 2007

Have you used them to capture video?

  ArrGee 14:12 14 Sep 2007

I also have a Sky+ Box. Do you have a connection directly from the S-Video on the Sky box to the S-Video on the PC?

The TV is a Sony KE-P42M1.

  ArrGee 15:17 14 Sep 2007

I failed to see that the S-Video on the TV is In, not out. Thanks for pointing that out.

Anyone out there that has a Sky+ box connected to their PC using S-Video on both ends?

  holme 15:33 14 Sep 2007

From what you said at 14:00, that sounds like you have a TV card installed in your HP and the sockets to which you refer are the 'AUX' sockets for it.

You can plug your Sky+ box S-video out into the S-video socket on the PC and link the stereo audio phono sockets on both.

When you fire up the TV card, select the 'AUX' and S-video input and you should then see Sky+ progs on your monitor. HTH.

  ArrGee 15:48 14 Sep 2007

Thanks. How do I 'fire up the TV card'?

  holme 16:54 14 Sep 2007

If there are no clues in your PC documentation (it might be in a supplement if it's a PCI/TV card), I would first try clicking on Start - All Programs and see if anything to do with TV is listed there.

For example, our Hauppauge cards come up as 'Win TV' and a sub-menu gives various options to start up the TV card control software or (analogue) Teletext.

It may help to look round the back to see if the PCI/TV card gives any clues as to make etc.

BTW, you won't need to plug an aerial lead into the TV card if all you intend to do is run a Sky+ box into it, but there may well be an S-video socket on the back panel which might be more convenient for you).

Frankly I'm guessing a bit but HTH.

  ArrGee 17:35 14 Sep 2007

Thanks holme

I'll have a tinker around and see how I can get the set-up I want.

Just for info, this is the PC I have:
click here

  ArrGee 17:54 14 Sep 2007

Ok, no joy with the S-video to S-video cable. So I now have a scart to s-video/audio jack cable.

The scart is plugged into an output on the Sky box, the S-Video to the S-Video-in on the PC, and the jack to the mic jack plug on the PC.

Still no joy.

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