Rural Internet Solution - Point to Point?

  Brezza 23:03 31 Aug 2014

Hey Guys,

Thought id start a quick thread to see if anyone can offer a viable solution. I live in a small village about 3.1km away from my exchange (WWSAMP). The last time our exchange had a upgrade was 2006. Our rural broadband connection sceme thats funded by the goverment has advised our exchange is up for review between OCT 2015 - APRIL 2016. Even then they have advised it can take upto 18 months after the reviwe for us to get plummed up to fiber.

On a good day we might get between 2 - 2.5mbps if its not busy. I know i shouldnt complain, a lot of people get less that that. However id still like a faster connection, when we moved out here i had to cancel my netflix account it was so poor.

Anyway i have had a look at some options, Satilite broadband isnt really great, i do like my online games but the latencey would kill me, not to mention the high startup costs and £60-£70 a month for a usable allowance.

3G reception here is pretty poor, not to mention the crappy 10GB-15GB data allowances.

Iv checked out a few WiSP (Wireless Internet Service Providers) like gigaclear, but none of the operate in my area.

Im begining to think my only solution is to run a wireless point to point network from my brothers house about 16km away as he can get fiber.

Like i said i know i shouldnt complain but i just want to be able to watch a film on netflix, download a game from the playstation store or watch youtube videos like anyone else.

Anyone have any suggestions? You guys are my last hope :(

Many Thanks

  Brezza 19:42 01 Sep 2014

Hi Jock1e,

Thats a MiFi device, it acts as a mobile wifi point. However it runs on the 3G network which has really poor reception out here. Not too mention the really low data allowances on 3G.

Thanks for the help though :)

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