Rooted! My poor wee mobile phone!

  TN 16:36 23 Feb 2019

I have no idea how it happened (if it did) but my Samsung Galaxy 5M Mobile won't run any Payment options (Tesco Pay etc) and states it has been 'rooted'. I went on line and found 2 software programmes which were supposed to get my phone back to normal but both of these stated that it was not rooted, so I couldn't start the software at all. My main problem is that I am at a very old age and not too computer literate and I KNOW I have not rooted the phone as I don't know how! I just hope someone has experienced the fact that Tesco and other programmes I try to run say the phone is Rooted but the programmes to fix it say it isn't! Any help will be sincerely appreciated.

  alanrwood 09:16 24 Feb 2019

I suppose one drastic solution would be to do a full phone reset but back up your data first.

  TN 10:05 24 Feb 2019

Thanks alanrwood but I read somewhere on net that this will not necessarily get phone un-rooted as this may be inside the root of the phone even when it is sent back to Factory Gate state - I suppose I could try as a last resort (BTW I have already backed up my photos etc just in case!! However maybe the writer of that information was wrong and it MIGHT just work. Again many thanks for your help

  Secret-Squirrel 12:45 24 Feb 2019

.........Samsung Galaxy 5M .............

Is that really the correct model number? I can find details for a Samsung Galaxy 5 (circa 2011) but not yours with an M at the end.

When you reply let me know its Android version number too please.

  TN 15:10 24 Feb 2019

Sorry Secret Squirrel - you are correct it should be 5 M (or Mini) I must have been thinking of Small! The model is SM G800F - the version no. 6.0.1 Kevin could make a mess of trying your suggestion - I tried 2 others and they said phone was no rooted? Remember i am relatively non IT literate!

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