Retune sky+ box channel 5

  karmgord 19:24 18 Oct 2010

I want to get C5 on my Sky+ box I've read how to do it
1. Press SERVICES on your remote control
2. Select 4 SYSTEM SET UP
3. Select 4 ADD CHANNELS
4. Change the frequency to 10.773
5. Change the POLARISATION from? V to H
6. Change the SYMBOL RATE to 22.0
7. Change the FEC to 5/6
8. then select FIND CHANNELS
but I can't change the frequency to 10.773 all the other parameters can be changed.
Any Ideas?

  BRYNIT 21:03 18 Oct 2010

Channel 5 should already be tuned into the Sky+ box unless you do not have an up to date Sky or freesat card. No card no channel 5

  dms_05 15:09 19 Oct 2010

FIVE is FTA without a card. FIVE HD requires a Sky card and HD subscription.

TP 45 on Astra 2D (the one the OP wants) only carries FTA channels (mainly BBC plus FIVE). So it should be available from the Sky EPG as Channel 105 and it doesn't need adding to 'Other Channels'.

FIVE HD is on 12266 H at 29,500 FEC 3/4 and is encrypted. It is available via the Sky EPG

  BRYNIT 16:29 19 Oct 2010

I stand corrected. It's a long time, and things have changed since I looked into channel 5 due to only use my Sky box to watch channels that are not available on freeview.

Without a Freesat card you should be able to tune in channel 5 as per your instructions. I've just tried it without problems. You would however have to go to services/other channels to view it.

I don't know why you are unable to change the frequency as it should be accessible. It may be a silly question but are you highlighting the frequency panel and then inputting the number with the number keys.

  karmgord 19:11 02 Nov 2010

managed to change parameters have highlighted C5 and "ticked" with yellow button and pressed select yet when i go to other channels to view it says "insert sky card"
Any Ideas?
could one of you with sky box check if it works both with & without card inserted

  BRYNIT 21:26 02 Nov 2010

Haven't had a card in years but it works without the card.

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