Removing tracking 'noise' from re-recorded VHS

  Boscorben 19:56 14 Oct 2007

I wish to do some video editing but some of My 'archive' tape is badly marred by tracking 'noise'. The material was originally recorded on Digital 8 and copied to VHS (and probably copied to another VHS tape to cut out sections not required) in the process aquiring tracking bars that cannot be moved out of frame without the picture rolling. I believe the problem was caused by one of the recorders used being out of adjustment. The original, master, tape was recorded over. The picture is all there as it can be seen in fast-forward.
How can I salvage my recording? I suspect that a time-base restorer is the answer, but these are expensive. Is there any alternative?
Suggestions appreciated.

  VideoSentry 09:38 15 Oct 2007

What make and model of VCR are you using for playback?

  VideoSentry 09:45 15 Oct 2007

Sorry I meant to add that trying various playback machines can sometime solve the problem (I have 5 different one's) also have you got access to a Mitsubishi HS 8300 as it has a facility to move the head up and down as well as adjusting tracking.

  laurie53 10:26 15 Oct 2007

They all used to have that so see if you can try an old one somehow.

  Boscorben 21:40 15 Oct 2007

Thanks for your suggestion.
I have no idea of the original machine used. I currently have a Sony SLV-D950G/1, SEG 2380GB, a Samsung Combi (no model no. found)and a comparatively old Panasonic F77; the problem persists on all of them.

  VideoSentry 21:42 15 Oct 2007

If you are near North London ( Hornsey ) let me know and you could bring the tape in and we could try on the various machines I have ( transfer to dvd ) ?

  Boscorben 16:18 18 Oct 2007

Thanks for your offer; however it is a little impracticable - I live less than 30 miles from Land's End!!

  VideoSentry 17:27 18 Oct 2007

It would be a little bit too far.Though it may be worthwhile having a look for professionals on the net?

  Boscorben 19:51 18 Oct 2007

I am still hoping that someone will confirm (or otherwise)that the real answer is a time-base restorer and suggest a source of a reasonably priced one, or some alternative.
Professional services are not sought because of the nature of the material; though we are now late seventies the material was shot when we were both more athletic!!!

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