remote control problem

  tigertop2 16:01 10 May 2011

I have a new Optima ES515 digital projector. It is hooked up from its VGA outlet to a laptop and works perfectly for my slide show except I cannot fathom out how to get the remote to run the Microsoft power point slide show. I can run it using my laptop mouse and the remote is functioning properly in every other way--but I just cannot fathom out how to get it to control the slides. The manual does not explain it either

Anyone using the Optima ES515 and if so can you help explain how to operate the remote for a slide show?

Thanks -in anticipation of a solution

  ams4127 22:13 13 May 2011

I seem to remember that Computer Shopper magazine tested this projector a few months back and had the same problem.

Unfortunately, they were unable to find an answer and had to accept the fact that it just doesn't work.

  tigertop2 22:55 13 May 2011

Thanks ams4127

Well that is a pity as otherwise it is a great little machine for the money--and everything else on the remote works OK. I am waiting for a reply from Optima but I can see I may wait a long time!

  jim365 08:49 18 May 2011

I have one of these with the same problem, and am just having to live with it. Agree it is overall nice projector for what it costs.

  tigertop2 10:40 18 May 2011

Optima have confirmed this model not have this facility. However I have got around that by purchasing a Kensington Si600 Wireless Presenter

Thanks all , case closed

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