Reduce blur watching football

  Ex plorer 14:01 15 Jul 2014

I went to watch the final on Sunday on my sons Samsung TV.

Its the HU8500.

What we both noticed was a blur following the players around it happened when running and some times at walking pace.

The closer the zoom the less you could see the blur, unless the camera was motionless.

Tried the football setting which seemed to make the picture vibrant in colour so much so the white line turned yellow.

Is there anyway to reduce blurriness. No problem with any other programs. Or is something to do with live broadcast.

What is the problem with this thread its not Spam I have altered it three times and it wont send as it says (we think this is spam) Forth time lucky?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:40 15 Jul 2014

Think you need to make sure LED motion plus is activated in the Advanced settings menu.

  Ex plorer 14:58 15 Jul 2014

Thanks for your replies I can study the samsung on-line instructions.

I will tell him to make sure he has motion plus ON, he only got it Saturday and we didn't want to start to read booklet and mess with settings while we were watching the football.

Its over an hours drive for me but I am sure we will sort it out with a little help.

  Ex plorer 16:25 15 Jul 2014

I think I am starting to grasp 4K TV and its benefits before 4K gets under way.

So what we were watching was part of the upscaling technology from 4K that improves Live TV programs and bluray disks.

  martd7 19:09 15 Jul 2014

Motion blue on a 4k led tv? i dont get that on my 13yr old panny plasma or 3yr old panny led

  martd7 19:11 15 Jul 2014

"blur" used to be a common trait on lcd tvs

  Ex plorer 07:23 16 Jul 2014

Yes its strange it should be a thing of the past, The TV is a Samsung 65" HU8500 Curved Smart 3D UHD 4K LED TV or in short UE65HU8500.

This is the only problem we found but as yet still need to fiddle with settings to obtain best results.

We will sort it out and get back to this thread apart from that its very impressive TV.

  martd7 10:25 16 Jul 2014

There's an in depth review here

click here

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