Recording Sky on freeview integrated dvd recorder

  orpheous87 16:20 03 Aug 2008


I recently upgraded my dvd recorder as my old one was having a few problems. I now have a Wharfedale DVDR24F with built in freeview hooked up to an Acoustic Solutions ASTV 36192C-ID TV that also has built in freeview. I've connected the recorder to the TV via scart cable, with the aerial cable going straight into the dvd recorder. I also have a coaxial cable connecting the two but I am unable to record anything from SKY. Is there a way around this problem? Would a component video cable help solve the problem?

Thanks, Emma

  dms_05 17:15 03 Aug 2008

Bit confused about your set up. Is it just a TV and DVD recorder or do you have a Sky box as well? In any case use SCART for all connections, the coax connections on the DVD recorder are probably only loop through so you can connect Antenna>Recorder>TV for Freeview and Analogue TV and don't actually carry the ourput from the Recorder to the TV.

  orpheous87 17:40 03 Aug 2008

I have a Sky box as well, but it's not in the same room. It runs through another cable from the lounge to the kitchen and bedrooms.

  BRYNIT 21:03 03 Aug 2008

If the DVD recorder only has a digital tuner and not a analogue tuner you will not be able to record from the sky box via the coaxial cable.

Possible options.

Option 1

Move sky box and re cable into room with DVD recorder and connect via scart lead.

Option 2

Move DVD recorder into room with sky box and connect via scart lead.

Option 3 click here or use very long scart leads.

  Covergirl 12:43 04 Aug 2008

If I want to record anything onto my Freeview box from an external source, the two items have to be connected via a scart, and in order to find the external source (i.e. display it on the TV) I've got to select the AV source on the TV and then find the AV source (channel) on the recorder. This is dependent upon which scart it is connected to in the back of the recorder.

My recorder has a HDD and yours looks like a DVD recorder so hopefully it will be as simple as my Sony is.

Also, yes you'll need a loooonnnngggg scart or a wireless sender / receiver.

  orpheous87 21:31 04 Aug 2008

"If the DVD recorder only has a digital tuner and not a analogue tuner you will not be able to record from the sky box via the coaxial cable."

How can I find out if it has an analogue tuner as well as a digital one?

  BRYNIT 22:51 04 Aug 2008

Your instruction book should tell you if it has twin analogue and digital tuners.

If it is the unit sold via Argos it looks as though it only has a Digital tuner.

  anchor 15:03 05 Aug 2008

I see that the Wharfedale DVDR24F has 2 scart sockets. Is one of them for AV-IN?.

  orpheous87 19:16 05 Aug 2008

I did buy the unit from Argos, but the booklet doesn't seem to say anything about the tuners.

anchor, yes, one of the scart sockets is for AV-IN.

  anchor 12:52 06 Aug 2008

The ideal way, (which I use), is to connect the Sky box to the recorder via a scart lead using the recorder AV-In connection.

Could you possibly arrange that the digibox and recorder be in the same room?. It would seem that, with both being in different rooms, to connect them via scart would involve an inordinately long lead.

A video sender is another option, as the one I have uses scart at both ends. Remember, that reception can vary, and depends on the location.

  menopaws1947 14:46 03 Oct 2010

Hi, Last year I bought a Wharfedale DVDR24F DVD Recorder with Built In Freeview a Normende LCD TV and Sky + HD box. Tv and Sky work fine, really vague manuals for both the TV and Dvd player, no matter what I tried could NOT play a DVD. Have no idea at all which of the Source choice to use ie. Scart 1 Scart 2, AV DVT etc, tried all but none seem to show the dvd playing. Have Googled etc to check if set up ok (Sky engineer connected them all up but no Sky Manual was left) so presume that part is OK.
No reply from Wharfedale for advice and can't find Normende site to ask them.

That problem is bad enough, but also have no idea (when other problem is solved) how to marry up Sky and the dvd player to record.

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