Recording from Samsung smart TV

  john bunyan 00:14 08 Jul 2019

I have just bought a Samsung QLED 2019 TV. Q60 43 R. There is an e manual of over 120 pages. So far I have got it going for TV using Freeview. Also can use screen mirroring for my and my wife’s iPhones. It mentions recording to a USB device, maybe in lieu of a recorder, but I assume that if I schedule a recording to a USB HD , I could not watch another programme at the same time? Many other mysteries to exploit such as Bixby , whatever that is. Last TV was a LG with 3D possibilities but never used! Hope this is not another white elephant- where is 4g on Freeview, for example!!

  Menzie 02:35 08 Jul 2019

Congrats on the new TV. Hopefully you have some UHD Blu Rays and a Netflix subscription to watch some lovely 4K content with the HDR on.

HDR from what I've seen gives quite a bump in the image quality, I've only seen it in action via a Blu Ray, not sure how well it Performs for a Netflix stream.

I haven't made the 4K plunge yet, my TV is still a 1080p model although everything connected to it 4K capable.

  john bunyan 07:17 08 Jul 2019

I thought I may as well try to keep up to date. However in U K, I looked In ASDA at Blue Ray DVD’s - a sparse selection and none to my taste. I don’t subscribe to Netflix, again because few films interest me. The Blue Ray player was bought for 3 D find -,never used as, again, few on offer. Maybe Freeview will show 4K one day, but I have a feeling that I have gone to unnecessary lengths!

  Menzie 12:48 08 Jul 2019

Future proofing is always good, unfortunately many a store has stopped stocking a wide selection of Blu Rays and players since the consoles of today can play back media. For watching Blu Rays I use my Xbox One S which is also compatible with 4K UHDs.

I had a 3D monitor on my PC before it died. Sadly only a few games supported a 3D Mode. It wasn't all bad however I found a fantastic documentary on underwater wildlife and it is amazing how the fishes appeared to come out of the display and right to your face.

It's a shame that I can no longer view it that way.

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