Recording freeview from an integrated freeview TV

  orpheous87 13:00 16 Jun 2008

Hi, I hope someone might be able to help me before I spend money on things I don't need.

I have an Acoustic Solutions TV with integrated freeview, and a Techwood AEDVDRS7 dvd recorder. I want to be able to record the freeview channels, but at the moment am unable to. I've got them set up with a scart connecting the TV and dvd recorder, but I also have a coaxial cable connecting the two as that is the only way I'm currently able to record (but only the analogue channels). However, when the coaxial is connected, a lot of the freeview channels go off, but the anaglogue are fine and I can record them. I change the input to the dvd recorder to AV2/scart, but all I get is a blank screen and the sound from an analogue channel. How can I get the freeview channels to show on the dvd recorder?

I've thought about buying a seperate freeview receiver, but I'm reluctant to since the TV has the freeview built in. Would this be the only way?

  anchor 13:45 16 Jun 2008

From the spec: of your recorder it appears that it only has an analogue tuner. Hence, it is not possible to record Freeview directly.

Personally, I cannot see any alternative, (if you wish to record Freeview), other than to buy a separate Freeview receiver, which you would connect to the AV-In.

  orpheous87 13:58 16 Jun 2008

Thanks, that's what I was afraid of.

So a seperate receiver should solve that problem? Sorry for so many questions, but I'm not the best when it comes to technology and going into it at this depth.

  jack 14:21 16 Jun 2008

That is they have input but no output capability
I assume then [though I have not investigated] this is the same with 'combined ana/digi sets.
They can look at stuff but cant pass it on.
So a separate Digi tuner for the Recorder is the way to go.

  oldbeefer2 16:07 16 Jun 2008

I'd be tempted to splash out a bit more and buy a freeview tuner with hard drive. I've had one for a year and it is simplicity to use - much more user friendly than a tuner with DVD recorder. Plus, it has enough space for about 80 hrs of recording which should be enough for anyone!

  anchor 16:37 16 Jun 2008

Ensure that the freeview digibox you choose has RF Loop through.

Many models are available, (but at the lowest end of the market), something like this would do:

click here

Or, for a little more:

click here

Without knowing your set-up, (or equipment), here are some general instructions.

Connect your aerial first to the freeview box, then connect the aerial-out socket to your DVD recorder. This in turn should be connected to the aerial in of your TV.

Using a scart lead, connect the Freeview box to the an AV-in socket of your DVD recorder. Consult the manual to determine which socket you should use.

  anchor 16:51 16 Jun 2008

oldbeefer2: I agree with you 100%; I have a PVR with a freeview tuner.

However, I suspect that orpheous87 may be rather reluctant to spend the extra to get a good PVR, (such as the Humax).

click here

  orpheous87 00:10 17 Jun 2008

Thanks to everyone who's given me advice. I'm almost certainly going to and get a seperate freeview receiver now.

I had looked at the PVRs, but it's not just a question of spending the money. It's not really practical as I spend a lot of time travelling and like to take dvds with me to watch on a portable dvd player and a lot of them are shows that I've recorded. Otherwise I would definitely be thinking of buying a PVR as opposed to just a seperate receiver.

Thanks again =)

  john bunyan 14:26 18 Jun 2008

Some TV's let you record from the tv tuner to an external DVD recorder but you cant watch another channel at the same time. My Sony lets you do this. In the end its probably easier to buy a DVD recorder or PVR with built in Freeview.

  harrupp 22:12 03 Mar 2010

my daughter has a seperate freeview and the same dvd recorder does not record freeview, called helpline says needs update software any body got any ideas

  oresome 09:17 04 Mar 2010

All the TVs I've owned have output the viewed channel to one of the scart sockets.

Select the relevant input on the recorder and hey presto.

This seems to be what orpheous87 is doing, but is only getting the sound.

1) Make sure the scart lead is fully wired.

2) Check other scart sockets on the TV. The output may only be available on one.

3) Connections on scarts are often poor due to oxidisation. Try cleaning the pins.

4) Read the manual for the TV if all else fails to ascertain if the TV signal should be output to one of the scart sockets!

My TV not only outputs the TV signal, it can be set to switch on at the relevant time and then turn on the hard drive recorder via the scart lead.........a feature I don't in fact use as the recorder has it's own tuner.

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