Recording from a digital tv to a dvd recorder

  low_key 10:39 03 Apr 2008

I have just brought a daewoo tv that has digital tv installed into it. I also bought a Phillips dvd recorder (model number DVDR3480/05)
I connected all the aerials and other wires up and I also bought a scart plug in the hope that I could record the digital channels but this is not the case.
I have tried everything to get it to record but it just picks up the analogue channels. Is there a way I can record digital channels or is this just not possible?
Everything I read talks about having a separate freeview box but I paid extra for a tv to have digital already installed and don't want to buy a separate box and effectively have 2 freeview boxes?
Can anybody help me?

  magnus35 11:07 03 Apr 2008

When you switch on the dvd recorder are you selecting scart as source ?
I have the same model and it records from my freeview no bother .

  low_key 12:02 03 Apr 2008

I select scart as a source on the telly? How do I do it from the dvd?
I'm obviously not as good as setting these things up as I thought I was!!

  magnus35 13:46 03 Apr 2008

Try repeatedly pressing the 'source' button - at top left on dvd remote - whilst the tv is on and receiving Freeview .
I have a Freeview recorder connected (twin tuner)and select EXT2 as the source .
If your scart lead is connected correctly you should get the Freeview on the dvd recorder , no need to tune it to analogue channels .

  lofty29 15:05 03 Apr 2008

One thing you need to consider that is with thesetup you have is that you will NOT be able to record one channel whilst watching another, also you will have to have the tv on in order to record. At the end of the day your best method, apart from buying a digital pvr, is to buy a cheap freeeview box

  sidandlil 19:29 06 Apr 2008

I have a toshiba with built in freeview connected to a philips dvd recorder and my remote has a button near the top, record source. with your tv on a freeview channel, scroll up and down all the channel options, on mine it is ext 1 but it will depend on how your tv and dvd are connected.

in my case it is a bonus because i already have a virginmedia v+ box so can now record 3 channels when needed, yes sometimes we do.

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